Zeke Erickson

Zeke grew up as a part of a military family in the slow-paced, southern town of Columbus, Mississippi. From an early age, Zeke loved playing sports, going on runs, hiking and biking, or anything that got him up and out of the house, but when he was at home he enjoyed learning new songs on a guitar, messing around on the piano, or talking to friends on the phone. This enthusiastic spirit and family background has fostered a desire to become an airline or Air Force pilot one day.


Zeke was greatly impacted at his first State Class by seeing other young people his age who took their relationship with the Lord seriously. He loves TeenPact because of the community he has found through his involvement with the ministry. Zeke has grown in his faith during his time in TeenPact, and has learned to appreciate and be passionate about government. He is most looking forward to building new relationships, serving Staffers and Students, and drinking lots of sweet tea while he travels the country during the 2022 State Class Season.