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Serena Deloglos June 15, 2015
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This one is for the ladies.


Being a women in today’s society is hard. Pressure to be a certain way exists on every side.


Be more assertive, be less aggressive. Embrace femininity, but don’t be too girly. Look like this, talk like that. Attract him. Make friends with her. Conform. Stand out. BE BETTER.


Such demands can feel overwhelming, but Jesus doesn’t ask us to do any of that. Instead He says, “Follow Me.” This simple command is beautiful, compelling, adventurous…and difficult. Jesus never said that being a Christian woman would be easy, in fact He reminds us again and again in scripture to consider the cost of such discipleship. But He has promised that it is worth it and that He will be the one to do all the work in our lives–we simply need to be willing to follow His voice. And, we don’t need to do this alone. That is the purpose of TeenPact Endeavor, to equip young women to live out their faith as sisters in a way that is adventurously beautiful and courageously feminine.



The call to be a Christian woman is one that is versatile. Not only will it look different from a guy’s calling, but God’s plan for each individual girl is individually fashioned and completely unique. We understand this. It is Endeavor’s mission to equip young women to serve and glorify the Lord in any sphere of life. Because of this, the training at Endeavor is well-rounded. Endeavor girls spend time in dynamic sessions taught by godly women, practice their cooking skills, learn basic car maintenance, study photography and fashion, play football, participate in a wide variety of social situations, go to a shooting range, enjoy a five-course formal dinner, and so much more. All this combined with TeenPact staples such as daily worship, quiet times, and rich fellowship make this an incredible event.



This year, TeenPact is offering the same Endeavor programs at two different locations:


Endeavor West will be held August 17-22 in Breckenridge, Colorado and Endeavor East is September 12-17 at Lake Oconee, Georgia. Register by June 18th for Endeavor West and July 14th for Endeavor East to receive the Early Bird discount.



I so hope to see you join us and the other fantastic women on our team this summer.

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