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Hey there! My name is Noah.

Hello. My name is Noah, and TeenPact is my life. You think I speak in jest, or maybe that I just really love this ministry? No. TeenPact is my life. I want to talk about what I’ve learned from this ministry over the last decade or so.

I first met a TeenPact staffer when I was 5 years old when my two oldest siblings attended the first State Class in Connecticut, where we lived at the time. That was in 2004. The next year, my family served as the host home for the staff team. Then we started hosting more staff teams, my siblings started staffing, my dad start class directing, and everything snowballed from there. My family has given much to TeenPact these many years, and TeenPact has given back.

I attended TeenPact for the first time as a One-Day student 10 years ago. What a day that was! I remember the sword drill vividly. I never got called on to read a verse. In that moment, I decided that I was going to staff with TeenPact when I grew up.

Most 8-year-olds have a dream job. I was no exception. Other kids dressed up as astronauts, or police officers, or whatever they wanted. I would dress up in my shirt and clip-on tie combo from Walmart, always looking forward to the week of TeenPact. I remember making myself nametags from construction paper laminated with packing tape.  This was my dream! And I was going to achieve it.

I attended the Four-Day class four times. I ran for committee chair every time. I lost, every time. But I loved State Class nonetheless. When I was finally elected as a Senator, my speech went way too long. We don’t need to talk about that.

I attended as many Alumni Events as possible. I lead my TeenPact Survival team to victory! I anchored TeenPact Network News at Congress. I won National elections at NC. I managed campaigns for presidential tickets at both National Convention and Back to D.C. I placed in every position possible at Venture. If you want to know which Alumni Event you should go to, please ask me! I can help you out.

I travel staffed for two years. I stayed in host homes with an amazing number of children and cats. I taught every field experience. I led Rendezvous, and shared devotionals. I traveled all over the country!

Sounds like an impressive resume, doesn’t it? Most people would call that life-changing. Not I! I agree that TeenPact has been an enormous part of my life. But TeenPact is made of people. People! It was these people, in particular, who made an impact on my life.

This season I am serving this ministry. It is my goal to show people what a life lived with Jesus looks like. That isn’t my duty as staff with TeenPact. It is my joy as a follower of Christ!

Further Up and Further In!

Noah Martin
Ephesians 2

Cassidy McCaslin

Thanks for writing this! Its so encouraging to hear that other young people have that kind of an attitude. This year I am attending the AK 4-day state class as an Alumni and am hoping to staff in the future! What would you say is the most rewarding thing about being staff for Teenpact?


Andrew Lee

I’d like to thank you Noah for leading my cabin’s Rendezvous this year. I know that my cabin wasn’t the most talkative but personally the end of day debriefings were very good and thought provoking.


Josh Adkison



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