Staff With Us

At the heart of it all is servant leadership.


We believe this simple distinctive lays a strong foundation for our peer-leadership model. It is this concept that inspires young people to go out and significantly impact the culture through the character and purity that flows from a genuine love for Jesus Christ. Students seeing one’s peers live out their faith has great impact.


At TeenPact, our focus on training young people goes beyond understanding politics to servant leadership, character development and personal excellence. One way we accomplish is by offering opportunities for outstanding alumni to serve as staff for various TeenPact events.


These student volunteers form staff teams to lead our State Classes.



How to apply

TeenPact Staff and Interns are chosen to serve for an upcoming TeenPact season by our Staff Development Team. This selection is based on a Student’s previous experience as a leader within TeenPact as well as their personal, spiritual, and social maturity.


The Staff application process is now open and will conclude on June 30th, 2020. We encourage all staff applicants to apply now and check back here beginning on May 1, 2020 to schedule a fifteen-minute phone interview. All staff interviews for the 2021 season will take place over the phone with a member of our interviewing team.


Note: Staff applications for the 2021 Season is closed


For more information about the staff application process, contact Serena Deloglos, Director of Staff Development, at




If you’d like to staff a TeenPact State Class, we’d encourage you to first attend your State Class as an Alumni Student, as well as seek out leadership roles while attending your State Class and/or national TeenPact Alumni Events.











For more information information about the Intern application process, contact Serena Deloglos, Director of Staff Development at