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2015 National Elections

Ryan Funkhouser February 20, 2015
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Each year, hundreds of students gather in Tennessee for our largest event, National Convention. With countless highlights, this has quickly become our most popular event. Perhaps the most dynamic element is the National Elections.


Students campaign for the votes of TeenPacters from all across the nation to secure one of the nine Representative positions, four Senator slots, or even the Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket. From the politically savvy to even the least inclined, the election process proves year after year to be one of the most exciting parts of the week!



Why Elections?

But why do we spend time and effort on nationwide elections? After all, wasn’t that “political stuff” for the State Class? While these elections will incorporate political elements, their purpose goes far beyond mere policy. Ultimately, we hold elections at National Convention to give students a platform to grow in leadership. TeenPact is about changing lives to change the world, and we believe a key part of making that happen is equipping young people to lead effectively.


Our election process provides several ways to stretch students’ leadership abilities. Running a national campaign provides candidates with a chance to learn vital leadership skills such as coordination, marketing, networking, and public speaking. It also gives the candidates a platform to share a message, a challenge to their peers across the country. These opportunities provide an ideal environment for leadership development.



Dynamics You Won’t Want To Miss

The energy, excitement, and fun behind this election process is something to behold! From the lively debates, to the engaging election coverage, to the decked out campaign tables in the Elections Hall, to the posters strewn about the campus, you won’t want to miss out on this part of the week. The week reaches its climax on the suspenseful Election Returns night, when the TeenPact Network News anchors deliver the live results of the election, culminating in the announcement of the new President and Vice President of the TeenPact Nation!



How To Get Involved


Whether you’re running a campaign, simply attending National Convention, or even tuning in from home, we invite you to be a part of this exciting, life changing process. Go to to learn more and to register today.



About the Author

Ryan Funkhouser

Ryan Funkhouser is the Special Projects Intern for TeenPact Leadership Schools and oversees the 2015 National Elections.