A TeenPact Before and After Story

January 11, 2022
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“TeenPact has impacted me by showing me how much as a young person I can influence the world,”

TeenPact Alumna Rebecca Humphrey recently shared. “TeenPact provides the opportunity to voice your opinions and to learn to think analytically. In my experience, people tend to take TeenPact Alumni seriously.  Often, people at my job have said, ‘How old are you? You display a lot of leadership potential. There’s something different about you. You are able to have a good conversation with adults.’”


Adult leaders have not only praised Rebecca’s maturity, they have sought her leadership for their programs. This summer, Rebecca was asked to take leadership positions at both her dance studio and a Christian summer camp. “Ever since I was 13 years old, the camp directors have recognized my maturity and have given me responsible positions.” Rebecca’s director told her this past summer, “I’m going to need you to step up and take these positions of Assistant Program Director and Counselor.”

Rebecca accepted these leadership roles, saying, “I’m sure I will make mistakes, but I am ready to do this. I’ve learned that when I have been given responsibility, even though I might fail, I see that I generally rise to the occasion and grow. I can show other teens that though I’m not perfect, I can demonstrate the love of God.” 


Another aspect of TeenPact that has shaped Rebecca is the community of like-minded teens and adults. “The body of Christ is so strong in the TeenPact community. It gives me hope that many TeenPacters are so firm in their relationship with Christ and that they want to be servant leaders, too.”


“I have learned through TeenPact that our impact doesn’t need to start big.

It can begin in our communities. We can have a powerful influence even one-on-one. For example, I can encourage kids and show them the love of God in my dance classes or at summer camp. TeenPact helps grow godly leaders.”


Rebecca Humphrey has participated in TeenPact New York since 2019 and will be staffing State Classes in 2022. She is currently taking a gap year to determine her next steps while teaching dance lessons and pursuing general education classes through Liberty University’s online program.