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TeenPact Media inspires and equips Students to develop their God-given creative gifts and talents in a digital age. Our world needs leaders who have the character and skills to compellingly communicate God’s truth and beauty through media and other creative arts. Learn the art of storytelling, the principles of design, and the power of multimedia production.



Learn from media professionals and receive hands-on training and mentoring in plenary sessions and small group breakouts. Choose to participate in one of five tracks and work with Students from the other tracks to form a Media Team. This team will work together to produce a cohesive messaging campaign for a client and will present a final project at the end of the week. Throughout the week, you will also learn from Biblical teaching about the nature and purpose of communications, the creative arts, and media. Join us for TeenPact Media!


Contact Information

Truman Forehand, Program Director - [email protected]

Elizabeth Albano, Assistant Program Director - [email protected]

2022 TeenPact Media

  • Arlington, VA October 9-14, 2022
    Students: $489.00  ($474.00 through August 10, 2022) Parents: $349.00
Program Director Truman Forehand Event Director Quinton Cools

For those DRIVING

Please plan to arrive at the Leadership Institute between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 9. Plan to depart by 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 14.


If you are interested in organizing a carpool to the Event, you can contact us by emailing [email protected].


For those FLYING

Plan to book your flight into Reagan National Airport (DCA) between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 9. TeenPact Staff will meet you at your baggage claim when you arrive. Please where a TeenPact Shirt to help us find you. When you depart, please book your flight after 12:00 p.m. on Friday, October 14.


Please email our Registration Coordinator, Evie Erickson, at [email protected] to provide your travel information.


Note: Any flights arriving after or departing before the specified window above will not be accommodated unless otherwise approved directly by the Assistant Program Director, Elizabeth Albano. 



The Leadership Institute Dorms

1101 N. Highland Street

Arlington, VA 22201


Bring This

  • Required: Laptop computer or equivalent.
  • Bedding (pillow, sheets, blanket, sleeping bag, etc.)
  • Towel and Toiletries
  • Bible, notebook, pen
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Snack to share for Coffeehouse (Girls bring sweet; Guys bring salty)
  • Money for the TeenPact Store (optional)
  • Money for coffee, tea, or snacks while in the city during projects (optional)
  • DSLR Camera (optional)


not that

While the use of technology will be required while at TeenPact Media, we will still be upholding our Media Policy in reference to personal media use and devices.


Dress for the week is Casual TeenPact Attire. Please review the TeenPact Dress Code prior to arriving at the event.


Additionally, we will have two days when Students will be required to wear Business Casual Attire. Please click here for more details on TeenPact’s standard for Business Casual.


team roles

  • Copy Writer: The Copy Writers will learn to craft well written pieces, edit their writing for publication, and craft a story for specific demographics. They will be challenged to think creatively and better communicate in various formats. At the end of the week, the Copy Writers will be responsible for working with the other members of the Team to develop scripts, press releases, promotional language, and more for the final delivery to the client.


  • Marketing Manager: The Marketing Managers will be in charge of setting the vision for the Team as they work to provide solutions for the client. In this role, Marketing Managers will learn how to conduct industry research, put together tangible marketing goals, and create a thorough Marketing Strategy tailored towards their chosen demographic. Throughout the week, they will seek to unite the members of their team to execute the goals of their client.


  • Social Media Coordinator and Photographer: The Social Media Coordinators and Photographers will be responsible for sharing the Media Team’s message through imagery. Telling stories through photography is one of the most powerful means of communication, and at TeenPact Media, they will learn how to effectively share a message through photography and social media. Students will learn the basics of capturing photographs, post-production workflow, editing, and engaging with their audience on social media. They will develop a comprehensive social media plan and, together with the team, will integrate photography into the final presentation for the client.


Note: All Students who register for the Photography and Social Media track will be required to bring their own DSLR Camera.


  • Graphic Designer: The Graphic Designers will step into their role at TeenPact Media as they work with their team to meet the visual needs of their client. The Graphic Designers will learn the art behind typography, explore the science of color, experience the creative process first hand, and be challenged by mentors to create intentional, excellent design. The Graphic Designer will be responsible for developing a final logo concept, branding package, and promotional pieces for their Media Team to use in their marketing solutions.


  • Videographer: The Videographers will learn the art of storytelling through video, and how to create an industry-level production to impact a variety of audiences. Throughout the week, mentors will instruct students on the fundamentals of story-boarding, shooting, composition, flow, and color grading, all while challenging students to creatively share a story through their work. The Videographers will have access to professional-quality equipment to execute their Media Team’s vision and be able to apply their accumulated knowledge and skills to produce a final product for the client


Adobe Subscription

TeenPact Media will instruct students in graphic design, photo editing, video editing, and other elements that require access to the Adobe Creative Suite. Students will be asked to come into the class ready to start a free 7-day trial through their email address.


Note: Please do not begin your trial until instructed by the Staff Team after arrival at the Leadership Institute. For more information about how to begin a trial, visit


TeenPact Media has limited space available for Chaperones due to the smaller size of this event, we invite select Mentors with media experience to serve on the Staff Team, as well as in the more traditional Chaperone supervisory role with the Students.  If you are interested in joining us as a Chaperone for TeenPact Media, you can register using the link above, and we will contact you if we have space become available leading up to the event.