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Private: Jackson Hicks August 20, 2019
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Brands are captivating. The white apple with a bite out of it, the jingle that concludes with, “I’m lovin’ it”, and the red and white soda label stirs a particular ambiance inside all of us. Without fail, when these images or sounds intersect with our lives, they signify a specific brand – a brand of consistency. Before cracking open a Coke, you already know the flavor and the joy as you consume the smooth, refreshing burst of pure satisfaction. Like companies, humans can exemplify a specific brand. Most everyone has those friends who are known for being either steadily sarcastic or joyful. Specifically speaking to guys, have you ever thought about your brand? What do people attribute to your name? Have you branded yourself a man?


Intentionally, I consider my brand often. Upon hearing my name, do people know my character to be consistently respectful, honest, patient, bold, and loving? Am I a servant; do I resemble the ultimate example of a man, Jesus? True masculinity, embodied by the life of Jesus, reveals a plethora of characteristics that define what it means to be a man. One of the most noteworthy, however, is sacrifice (Matthew 22:36-40, Matthew 5:44, Philippians 2:5-8). Authentic manhood is about getting over ourselves and realizing that selfless love is more important than pursuing our desires. When I see the Jack Link’s Sasquatch, I know I’m about to eat good beef jerky – every time. When people see me, I want them to see a man – every time. As is the case for many, I am still in the process of building my man-brand; often I lack practical skills and scriptural consistency in areas that would promote my manhood. Every day it becomes more abundantly clear to me, I need to keep shadowing those of character, wisdom, and spiritual maturity so that I am one day followed in the same manner. I desire to learn so that I can serve sacrificially.



When people see me, I want them to see a man – every time.



If you have an overwhelming craving or even a minute yearning to engage on a journey to brand yourself a man, I invite you to TeenPact Venture. Solely established to foster the idea that young men can be more than the societal standard, Venture strives to teach boys to be men. I experienced the event in 2017, and having been to over twenty-five TeenPact programs since, I can honestly disclose that Venture has been my favorite one. Never had I been involved in an environment dedicated to investing in the next generation of men. Before attending the event, I did not know I craved to learn what it meant to be Biblically masculine – Venture unlocked the door. On a team of twelve, my brothers and I fought our way through the tough mudder, the octathlon, and my favorite, the flag football tournament. However, it wasn’t just physical. My team had to dig in deep, mentally, while hearing from speakers and learning life-skills such as social etiquette, personal finance, health, auto maintenance, and more. The magic of it all was that every facet of the event was crafted for young men to grow in the knowledge of masculinity.



I can honestly disclose that Venture has been my favorite Teenpact event.



Venture refined my brand. The practical knowledge and scriptural depth I gained from TeenPact Venture is something I’ll carry forever. I implore you to experience it for yourself, learn to grow in Christ daily alongside other young men who have an unquenchable passion for being men of God. Do not wait, join the brotherhood. 





September 15 – 20, 2019


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Private: Jackson Hicks

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