Chaperone a TeenPact Event

Do you want to impact the next generation of leaders?


Chaperone your child’s TeenPact event!


TeenPact’s values are built upon the biblical foundations of discipleship, mentorship, and strong leadership. We believe the best example of these qualities is often found in a parent. As a Chaperone, you would have the opportunity to watch the students grow in confidence and passion as you support them every step of the way. 


Chaperone responsibilities could include transporting students to and from the Capitol in your vehicle, making/serving meals, running quick errands, staying in rooms with students, and other exciting opportunities. Past chaperones have said that they loved the opportunity to actually watch the students in action as they put into practice their logical thinking, community building, and public speaking skills at the class. Chaperones also enjoy spending time with each other as they watch their children learn, grow, and worship.


This is an opportunity to make an impact not only on your student but also on an entire generation of coming leaders. To register as a Chaperone, click on the link below, find your state, and follow the registration instructions. For more information on chaperoning your specific State Class, email your State Coordinator at (yourstate’sname) We hope to see you soon at your State Class!


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“Changing lives to change the world” is more than a vision statement to us. It’s what we do every day.




Frequently Asked Questions

Chaperones are asked to be present Monday through Thursday of the class, and to stay on-site with the students. Chaperones also must complete a brief background check and safety course before arriving at the class. Many Chaperones have found time to complete some remote work while at the class. For information on possible allowances and exemptions, contact your State Coordinator at (yourstate’sname)




Yes, there is a fee to cover the cost of meals and housing. The fee varies from state to state, based upon local pricing. To find out if your state has a Chaperone scholarship, contact your State Coordinator at (yourstate’sname)





Anyone over the age of 25 is eligible to be a TeenPact Chaperone.