Senator Ed Emery Memorial Scholarship

Close friends and family of the late Senator Ed Emery, who respect his life greatly, want to create a lasting impact to honor his legacy. For young people in the state of Missouri desiring to serve in government, friends of Senator Emery feel that a memorial scholarship is the best way to honor his memory. The Senator Emery Memorial Scholarship will provide the funds for a selected teen from Missouri to attend a TeenPact State Class or a TeenPact Alumni Event. Please continue reading for more information, and see below for the link to the application.


Senator Ed Emery’s life as a public servant and statesman has created a lasting, powerful legacy, inspiring many people to become involved, informed citizens. Ed Emery served in both chambers of the Missouri General Assembly for sixteen years: eight years as a state representative (2003-2011) and eight years as a state senator (2013-2021). In August 2021, Senator Emery was campaigning for a newly-vacated seat in the U.S. House of Representatives when he unexpectedly passed away from heart problems.


Senator Emery believed God put him here on purpose and for a purpose, and many attest that his faith in Jesus Christ was evident in his words and actions. Believing that the responsibility of a statesman is to limit government and to secure individual rights, Senator Emery viewed himself as a public servant rather than a politician, serving Missouri citizens and defending their rights and interests. Ed often said:


“We can try to legislate the preservation of our liberty and life in a moral society, but we will never win that battle until we educate our children about the Constitution, the history of our nation, and the Biblical principles on which it was founded.”



As an advocate of school choice, it is not surprising that Senator Emery strongly supported youth, education, and, more specifically, TeenPact Leadership Schools. The senator served as a State Class Sponsor and speaker at several TeenPact Missouri State Classes. Former Missouri State Coordinator, Beth Blunk, says that she asked Ed Emery (serving as a state representative at that time) to be the State Class Sponsor because she knew he would give the students a vision of how they could put their faith into action. Students who knew Senator Emery say he was wise, humble, and well-respected on both sides of the aisle. 


The Senator Ed Emery State Class Scholarship

Students ages 13 – 19 who are interested in attending the Missouri Four Day State Class, either as a First Time or Alumni Student, are eligible to apply for the State Class Scholarship. Each year, one applicant will be awarded a scholarship to cover the cost of their State Class Tuition. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is December 1, with the scholarship recipient announced on January 15. 


Apply for the Senator Emery Memorial State Class Scholarship


The Senator Ed Emery Alumni Event Scholarship 

Missouri students ages 13 – 19 who have attended the Four Day Class, and are interested in attending TeenPact Congress or TeenPact Judicial, are eligible to apply for the Alumni Event Scholarship. This scholarship is reserved for a student who is passionate about the political process and is considering a life of service in the legislative or judicial fields. Each year, one applicant will be awarded a scholarship to cover one of these Alumni Events to further the student’s education in a more focused, in-depth study of the political process. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is December 1, with the scholarship recipient announced on January 15.


Apply for the Senator Emery Memorial Alumni Event Scholarship