Encore–TeenPact Alumni Stories

January 21, 2023
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Encore–TeenPact Alumni Stories

By Joseph Rowell, TeenPact Georgia Alumnus 


As a participant in the founding days of TeenPact nearly 30 years ago, the impact of my experience is still creating value for me, my family, my business, and our country.  My family and I have experienced many ‘firsts’ with this ministry: Back in the 1990s, Tim Echols started TeenPact while he and his family were attending the church that my dad pastored in Atlanta. When my older brother graduated from high school, he became the first TeenPact employee besides Mr. Echols. In TeenPact’s first-ever class election in Atlanta, I ran for governor on the platform of removing the “Stars and Bars” from the State Flag of Georgia. I was part of the first trip that TeenPact took from Atlanta to D.C. (now an Alumni Event called

Back to DC). 


Fast forward a few decades and I now serve as the CEO of one of the largest

government guaranteed lenders in the country. In the normal course of my business, I work closely with members of the U.S. House and Senate on both sides of the aisle in D.C., as well as many Executive Branch personnel, both career bureaucrats and political appointees. 


My time with TeenPact was instrumental in preparing me to interact with elected officials, congressional staffers, and federal employees on Capitol Hill and across the country as a routine part of my work. In fact, while visiting Washington for a fly-in during the 2022 legislative session, my path providentially crossed that of fellow TeenPact Alumnus, Cam Shepherd (Legislative Director for Rep. Congressman Richard Allen), who has become a trusted resource in helping my company navigate challenging dynamics in D.C. on behalf of my firm, our clients, and the broader industry. Our mutual experience with TeenPact has proven meaningful in establishing a framework for Cam and me to advocate for shared legislative priorities centered around increasing economic opportunities in rural America.


Standing on a foundation laid by TeenPact and God’s grace, not only have I developed an understanding of and appreciation for the political process, but I’ve experienced the tangible benefits of this incredible ministry. In light of the immeasurable impact on students, and the long-term effect on our nation, I offer this to TeenPact’s Board, employees, volunteers, and donors: Remain steadfast and courageous, know that you’re making a difference and keep fighting the good fight! I pray you experience God’s richest blessings in 2023 and beyond.