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Anna Montgomery May 23, 2018
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Students anxiously leaned forward to catch every moment of the Morning Show today. What began as a seemingly normal day at class took an interesting twist as the words “campaign” and “sabotage” were introduced to the audience. Through the humorous retelling of TeenPact State Class experiences, students see themselves in the Morning Show characters as they live out countless relatable moments. What may seem like just a silly moment to one audience member is a reminder to another of their own State Class experience where they moved out of their comfort zones and were given opportunities to lead.




With primary open forums completed, the moment we had all been waiting for finally arrived – it was time for primary election voting! Lines of students snaked around campus as they waited to cast their ballot. While counting votes seemed to take an eternity for candidates, it wasn’t long before we were gathering again at the Conn Center for a live TeenPact News Network Update from TPN news anchors, Brandon Batchelor and Jeremiah Fitzpatrick. As they announced the results, the auditorium went from silence to loud ovation as candidates’ names appeared on the screen. This moment which is so thrilling for some is also very painful for others. Losing is never easy. Through these experiences, our prayer is that TeenPact students will grow by recognizing that Christ is equally glorified through our wins and losses.



The afternoon show was welcomed back by a huge round of applause as Kack entertained the audience by inviting two guests, Annabelle Reilly and Danielle Sharp, aka the Cooking Mamas on to the show. Audience members couldn’t resist laughing at their antics in the kitchen and also in cheering for a second appearance of the Kack is Back band much to Kack’s dismay.




Throughout the week of National Convention, we invite members of our TeenPact team and fans of TeenPact to share with students and parents the heart behind TeenPact. A masterful storyteller, Pam Minyard, TeenPact’s Director of Development used the story of Elisha and Gehazi to explain the importance of God placing people in our lives. Through this story and personal anecdotes, she described how God also places us in other people’s lives at critical moments to reveal His plans and purposes.



No matter where students were on campus during free time, conversations abounded. In between cheering for sports teams, waiting in line for nine square, or for an opportunity to try a cold brew coffee, students laughed and built community as they got to know their TeenPact family better. For some these conversations provided an opportunity to explore wide ranging topics including leadership, politics, and immigration in anticipation of the evening’s Vice Presidential Debate. Each Vice Presidential candidate went on to present their messages with excellence and answer questions with clarity and passion.




This day was a day of contemplating the mercy and forgiveness of God. What better way to dive deep into this topic than through the evening session presented by Clarence Mingo II? Auditor Mingo discussed several points of forgiveness that we must address as a culture and as individuals which including forgiveness for division in race and political relations, our self-centeredness, and our neglect of God’s word.



As the day closed, students gathered at Coffeehouse to hang out and enjoy a few more summer evening moments with their TeenPact family. With the sound of live music in the background, students recalled the session as “Powerful”, “Impactful”, “Very Relevant”, and “Meaningful”.



We are shown through Scripture that nothing good comes from us and that we truly need mercy and forgiveness. We put trust in the words of Scripture that say, “The Lord, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love and mercy…If we confess our sin, He is faithful to forgive…Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.”



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