TeenPact and Homeschool New York


Are you a part of Homeschool New York? TeenPact is a program designed to aid and supplement your civics curriculum, equipping your Students with knowledge about government and the skills needed to lead their peers.


TeenPact seeks to inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture around them. With that, every aspect of the program – from homework to worship at the class to teaching at the camp – should reflect Jesus Christ.


We apply this through two distinct offerings – State Classes and Alumni Events.



State Classes

At TeenPact, we believe students learn best by doing. That’s why our State Classes are comprised of focused hands-on leadership training. With classes offered across the nation and for students ages 8-19, young people will quickly discover how to embrace their call as the next generation of leaders through the unique teaching and opportunities TeenPact provides.




Our One Day Class, for students ages 8-12, introduces students and families to the concept that they are never too young to be a leader. Filled with hands-on learning, memorable experiences, and lots of fun, this day leaves an unforgettable impact on all who participate!


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Our Four Day Class, for students ages 13-19, is fast-paced and designed to give students the ultimate hands-on crash course in state government. By spending four days at the capitol, TeenPact students get a glimpse of what goes on beyond the marble steps as they learn leadership skills. While most groups only see the statues and paintings when they come to the capitol, we want our students to build relationships with the people who actually influence public policy.


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Our Political Communication Workshop, for students ages 13-19, is designed to give students a better understanding on how to communicate, especially when it comes to articulating political ideas. Exciting and educational, this workshop teaches students how to approach controversial issues, think critically, and communicate effectively.


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Alumni Events

Our Alumni Events take students deeper in their relationship with Christ as they build lasting community and grow through intentional leadership training. While events activities range from meeting legislators on Capitol Hill to team building on a football field, the focus is the same – training students to be influential and servant-hearted leaders.


Alumni Events are open to all 13-19 year olds who have participated in and completed a Four Day State Class.



“Changing lives to change the world” is more than a vision statement to us. It’s what we do every day.



Interested in attending TeenPact? Learn more about the New York State Class!


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