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Sean Carpenter September 13, 2017
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Welcome to the life of a TeenPact Traveling Intern.


From January through May, these young people enjoy serving as the leaders of the TeenPact State Classes in 42 states and counting. It makes for an exciting adventure and also a significant responsibility. This past spring, I had the privilege to serve on this team.


In the life of a Traveling Intern or Program Director, an “off week” between State Classes is typically uneventful and is a good time to rest and prepare for the next class. During this past season, I experienced such a week, excepting the uneventful part. While visiting friends at the college I attended last Fall, I was approached by the current SGA/Student Body President. He asked if I would consider running for his position. I was amazed and somewhat perplexed that he would ask since I hadn’t really been on campus at all during the spring semester. I had been involved with SGA somewhat last semester and knew the president’s position gave me an excuse to use my gavel again, but I still wasn’t convinced.


The more I thought about it, however, the more I saw myself as that reluctant student who needs convincing to run for TeenPact elections for the first time. I eventually said yes and spent the next day feverishly campaigning in exactly the same way students do for TeenPact elections. This consisted of making tons of signs, posting them everywhere on campus, facing off in a debate, and promoting the essential element of… name recognition. It was like I was a student again, and it was incredibly fun, even though a majority of folks still wondered where I had been the entire semester.


The more I thought about it, however, the more I saw myself as that reluctant student who needs convincing to run for TeenPact elections for the first time.


The vote was the following week, and as I headed back home and on to my next TeenPact class, I reflected on what I have learned over the years with TeenPact. This organization doesn’t just teach you lessons for a week and then send you home with a grade and a certificate; TeenPact teaches life lessons and provides life experience that is applicable wherever you are in your journey as a leader. It wasn’t what I learned as an Intern that gave me these skills. It started at the beginning of my journey as a TeenPact student, and it continues to prepare me for the future.


I can’t wait to apply what I have learned from this ministry, now on a new platform.


A week later, I received word that I had won the election! I can’t wait to apply what I have learned from this ministry, now on a new platform. (I also get to use my TeenPact gavel for official meetings, which is a huge plus). So, this fall, if you’re around Rome, Georgia, stop by Shorter University.  I’d love to show you around!



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Sean Carpenter

Sean was a 2017 TeenPact intern and hails from Conyers, Georgia.