Living a Life Worthy of the Gospel

Serena Deloglos April 06, 2017
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Jesus never said that living a life worthy of the Gospel was easy––rather, He reminds us again and again in scripture to consider the cost of such discipleship. He has promised though that it is worth it  and that He will be the one to do all the work in our lives––we simply need to be willing to follow His voice. And, we don’t need to do this alone. That is the purpose of TeenPact Endeavor, to equip young women to live out their faith as sisters in a way that is adventurously beautiful and courageously feminine.


Thinking about joining us at Endeavor 2017? Here is why Taylor, Elizabeth, and Anne loved their Endeavor experience.



Reflecting back, my week at Endeavor was so much more than I ever thought it would be. I learned so many things including how we are God’s peculiar treasures, how to change a flat tire, what to do as a hostess when having a formal event, how to play football, journaling tips, key points on making a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and what it means to be a daughter of the King who deserves all our praise. My favorite part about TeenPact Endeavor was how God used the event to teach me what it truly means to live my life worthy of the Gospel. Endeavor helped open my eyes, through studying Proverbs 31, to the knowledge that a woman of God should be courageous, feminine, a hard worker, and always learning new things to help proclaim Christ’s name.
– Taylor Berge – 



Endeavor truly was the best week of my life in so many ways.  From the tea party to slingshot paintball fights there isn’t a moment where you aren’t being stretched to new heights to grow, adapt, and change.  Outside of the countless moments full of fun activities you get to truly and deeply experience what it is like to be a Proverbs 31 women.  Through that week I learned how to pursue Christ in all aspects of my life.  The friendships that you build there are life long.  While I don’t talk to my fellow Endeavor sisters daily, we’ve continued to have each other’s backs through spiritual and worldly struggles we have faced since our week at camp.  There is nothing like worshiping with a room full of ladies that are all being challenged to grow in new ways.  The worship I experienced at Endeavor was so raw, as we all just got to connect with God and our fellow sisters as we sung praises. It is a week that will change your life. 
– Elizabeth Carroll – 



I love Endeavor because I met so many good friends who encourage me to seek God deeply. I was challenged in my faith, but also comforted. I loved that it was a week of fun and learning that was focused on God. God used the week to keep leading me into a deeper relationship with Him. I loved spending time with the girls, interns, and moms, who were all amazing. Whenever I was having a hard time, God sent a mom or a staffer or another girl to come and talk to me. I had so many good conversations and got to know so many girls on a deep level. Some things I loved about Endeavor: loving, encouraging, Christ-centered relationships. Quiet time with God in the cool, beautiful mornings. Talking with my Mon Ami partner. Delicious food. Becoming more confident. It was an awesome week with awesome girls because of an awesome God!
– Anne Adams – 



Join us this fall at Endeavor West, August 12-17, 2017 in Breckenridge, Colorado or at Endeavor East, September 16-21, 2017 at Lake Ococee, Georgia. Learn more and sign up at teenpact.com/endeavor.



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