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Staff Training Begins

August Huckabee January 12, 2018
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Staff Training 2018 has begun! Staff arrived from all across the country, and TeenPact buzzwords were falling like the East Texas rainstorm that hung over the camp in Tyler, Texas today.


Staff Training has become a cornerstone event for TeenPact since its inception seven years ago, and on Wednesday, over 170 staff members came together for the largest one yet.


The event is designed to train students who have been accepted to serve as volunteer staff for at least one week during the State Class season. Staff Training sets the foundation and philosophy for the ministry’s unique cornerstone––student leadership.





Topics covered over the last two days have included evening sessions on the ministry distinctives of gratefulness and servant leadership, the vital role of volunteers in the ministry, and a discussion on the ministry’s theology of worship.




A song introduced during worship on the first night was called, “Reckless Love,” popularized by Steffany Gretzinger of Bethel Music. The song emphasizes the reckless love of God as He chases after us even as barriers are erected between us and Him and we sometimes run away.



While learning the keys to running a TeenPact State Class, there is an unmistakable root of the urgency of the Gospel, the centrality of scripture for knowing truth, and reflection on God’s work in staff members’ lives that results in worship.




Please keep the TeenPact ministry and the staff in your prayers over the next several days as they press further into learning professionalism, practical policies, and reckless love.

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