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Staff Training Recap – 2016

Serena Deloglos January 25, 2016
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It is hard to believe that we have come here, to the start of our 2016 season! With the Delaware class kicking it all off this week, we hope you share our excitement for the months ahead as students in 41 states head to their State Capitols. We intend to train students to understand state government, but we desire to an even greater degree that lives will be impacted and changed. Changing Lives to Change the World starts right now!



Our entire leadership team at TeenPact shares this common vision. This was made even more apparent last week as nearly 200 field staff from every region in the country wrapped up a week in Davis, Oklahoma at our annual Staff Training event. Last year we gave you an inside look at the event and the powerful ways in which God met our team as we prepared for the season. This year was no exception.



As with any TeenPact program, every day begins and ends with worship, devotionals, and rendezvous. The space in between these times is filled with intentional training in discipleship, leadership, TeenPact curriculum, and service. During the first full day that everyone was together on-site, the entire group participated in a service project at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma where we packaged thousands of pounds of food to be distributed to families in need around Oklahoma.



Beginning our training event with a service project is what set the foundation for everything else that was taught throughout the week. A desire to serve God and serve people is needed first and foremost before genuine excellence can be pursued in any other area. Year after year, the service project instills inspiration among all the staff as they become provoked to serve students on their classes throughout the season ahead.



Another highlight of the week is the hands-on training offered at the Oklahoma state Capitol. Staff spend an entire day walking through each element of a day at the Capitol with activities such as studying field experiences, hearing speaker introductions, and practicing leading a committee in a professional and political setting.



As Staff Training wrapped up, the enthusiasm for what is ahead was contagious. Not only did all leave feeling spiritually refreshed, but also mentally stretched and ready to work hard and serve well. Please join us in prayer for all of the local and traveling staff who will be serving with this ministry for the 2016 season!



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