2020 TeenPact Program Director

Boomer Fitzpatrick

Boomer hails from the land of sunshine, sandy beaches, and the world’s greatest hockey team (Go Bolts!) – Lutz, Florida. Along with his four brothers, Boomer shares deep love for Waffle House, a longstanding Fitzpatrick family tradition.


His TeenPact story began in 2015 when, as an impossibly shy 13 year old, Boomer attended his first Four Day Class. Although he had heard his brothers passionately discuss TeenPact for years, Boomer had no idea just how life-changing his first experience would be. Determined to not do anything outside his comfort zone, everything changed when he stepped out of the car and was greeted with the genuine love and smiles of TeenPacters. As the week continued, he came to realize what it meant to truly follow Christ. He gave his life completely to the Lord and was forever changed during that week! Furthermore, throughout the years, Boomer has seen God use TeenPact to challenge and change him and the others around him. He has seen God use TeenPact to build an authentic community of believers around him, and show him what it means to love selflessly. Boomer has a hunger to experience the Lord moving more, and as a result, looks forward to obeying the Lord in whatever way possible as he serves as a 2020 Program Director.


With a passion for music and worship, Boomer loves creating music with friends, learning previously written music, and singing at the top of his lungs. Aside from music, Boomer loves challenging himself, playing all types of sports, learning new things, reading, and Orange Yoplait yougurt. Ask Boomer about his favorites and his face will light up with a huge smile as he shares about his love for family, friends, sports, Phil Wickham, and his wonderful dog, Essie.


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