2018 TeenPact Program Director

Brent Vastbinder

Brent Vastbinder grew up midst the warm sunshine and Disney magic of Orlando, Florida. While there are various theories, we do think that this idealistic childhood contributed to his enthusiasm, boundless energy, and love for life. Recently though, adventure called and Brent now considers the land of bayous and delicious cajun cooking in southern Louisiana home.


Brent’s TeenPact story began in 2012 when he attended his first TeenPact Four Day State Class. Going into the week, Brent expected to be wowed by the political training, but left realizing that TeenPact cared about the condition of someone’s soul more than their political stances. TeenPact’s passion for seeing youth grow closer to Jesus is the reason Brent is so hyped to be serving as a 2018 TeenPact Program Director. His prayer this season is that students would better understand the love Jesus has for them.


When not at a TeenPact event, you can find Brent enjoying one of the many things that make him happiest – Louisiana, keeping track of the NBA, long talks, skateboarding and a small amount of sarcasm.


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