Grant May

Grant May is from the city of Georgetown in the great state of Texas. Nestled in the heart of central Texas, Georgetown is known for its pristine lakes and rivers. Grant is the oldest of three children in a family that is always ready for a spontaneous adventure such as playing an intense game of ultimate frisbee at midnight in Alaska, parasailing in the Florida Keys, or surfing in Hanalei Bay, Hawaii. His family loves spending time together whether eating brisket smoked by his dad, water skiing on the lake, or playing sports in their front yard.


Grant is passionate about communicating the ideas that made America great with truth and grace through various media platforms. Over the past few years, he has gotten the opportunity to work with Prager University, Liberty University’s Freedom Center, and Turning Point USA.


On a free afternoon, one could find Grant paddle-boarding or cliff jumping at the lake, watching an NBA game, jamming to Hamilton or Les Miserables, or reading. Some of his favorites include: To Kill a Mockingbird, A Tale of Two Cities, or Robinson Crusoe.


As he approaches Program Directing, Grant is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel the nation discipling Students, helping them understand the political process and inspiring Christ-honoring, civic engagement.

2023 Program Directors