Board Member since 2013

John Seldenrust

John Seldenrust was born in France to parents who were U.S. citizens working overseas. However, he considers himself a Texan as his time overseas was short and most of his childhood was spent in Rosenberg, Texas. He and his wife of thirty years, Rita, now live in Edmond, Oklahoma. They have four adult children – Lauren, Elise, Andrew, and Rachel.


John loves what TeenPact stands for and the spiritual influence it has on students. Over the years of his family’s involvement in TeenPact, the Seldenrusts have enjoyed the connecting with like-minded families across the United States. Some of John’s favorite memories have been made in the environment of worship, fun, and good-spirited competition he’s experienced at National Convention with his family.


In addition to loving God and his family, John loves spending time with Rita, long-distance biking, and using his strengths to help others. He is recently retired and currently enjoying a sabbatical to recharge and pursue God’s next steps for him and Rita.

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