2020 TeenPact Program Director

Jordan Armga

Jordan Armga hails from the vibrant, bustling city of Jacksonville, Florida. Along with his sister, parents, and two dogs (Nala and Simba), Jordan finds no shortage of new things to try while living in the largest city in the continental U.S. (it covers over 840 square miles!).


His first TeenPact experience was at a Four Day Class in 2015. Unsure about attending, he made a deal with his parents that if he went to a State Class, he could go to Survival instead in future years. Ironically, Jordan loved the State Class and never made it to a Survival event. The relationships he made at TeenPact were instrumental as he walked through the death of his younger sister and consequently, his faith being shaken. Christ was made real to him through TeenPact. Jordan is excited to serve as a 2020 TeenPact Program Director and looks forward to strengthening his relationship with the Lord, creating lasting friendships, and being immersed in a community of peers and believers unlike any other.


Intense, determined, and witty, a love for athletics and the law meet in Jordan. Whether he’s meeting NBA draft picks and nationally-ranked moot court champions or casually playing basketball or discussing politics with friends, Jordan has a clear passion for competition, challenging himself and others, and having a great time. If he has free time, you can find him enjoying nature, playing basketball, or spending time with his girlfriend.


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