State Class Field Director

Lari Folmar

Lari calls East Texas country her home, and in spite of living where the nearest town has a population of 388, she still found her way into the TeenPact world. Before joining TeenPact, Lari worked in healthcare and for multiple ministries and nonprofits. She has also served as a part of the TeenPact Texas State Coordinating team for each of the past few years, preparing her to lead in her role as State Class Field Director.


Lari loves TeenPact’s mission to train and disciple the next generation of Christian leaders. Whether driving a van full of students to a State Capitol or getting “lost” on a mountain at a Survival event, Lari is always eager to serve and go all-in with the people around her for the task at-hand. Lari has said, “I’d rather be doing anything than nothing!” No doubt, this perspective helps her thrive at TeenPact events!


When she is not touring monuments at Back to D.C. or helping out at another TeenPact event, you can find Lari exploring and experiencing new things with her family. Lari is married to Mark, with two children, Rachael and Ryan. From trying a new restaurant or walking the streets of a foreign country, Lari loves finding herself in a new environment. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, she’ll be out and blazing new trails (literally and figuratively).