2018 TeenPact Program Director

Preston Glisson

Preston Glisson hails from the college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where barbecue is its own food group and winning is a tradition.


The oldest of nine, Preston got his start in TeenPact when he attended his first TeenPact Four Day Class in 2012. He hasn’t missed a TeenPact event since! With energy that fills a room and a smile that fills his face, Preston is thrilled for the opportunity to serve this year as a 2018 Program Director. He can’t wait to see the ways that the Lord works in and through him this season!


When not leading groups of students around state capitols, you can find Preston laughing and spending time with his family, listening to and creating music, participating in any kind of competition, and making new friends.

After living in Uganda for six years as a kid and serving as a mid-term missionary in Rwanda this past fall, Preston’s passion for overseas missions overflows whenever he regales friends and families with stories of his experiences. Be sure to ask him about it!


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