Will Trantham

Although he was born on the Oklahoma plains, Will has spent the vast majority of his life in the Ozarks of Fayetteville, Arkansas. It’s an area well suited for the hobbies and activities he most enjoys – camping, floating the river, or maxing out the speed of electric scooters on the University of Arkansas campus to name a few. When not at TeenPact or hanging out with friends, Will loves being with his parents and four younger siblings traveling the world. Will is currently attending Liberty University where he is pursuing a degree in Sports Management.


Will’s passion for TeenPact wasn’t instantaneous. His mom signed him up and forced him to attend his first Four Day Class. He arrived dragging his feet but was hooked the moment he realized that it was much more than just a series of political lectures. For Will, the ability to connect with like-minded peers paired with the chance to learn in an interactive environment all under a Christian worldview are what set TeenPact apart.


Will sees how his TeenPact experiences have grown and challenged him, and he is looking forward to encouraging other Students and Staffers in similar ways this 2022 Season. He is passionate about both politics and spreading the Gospel and is thrilled to be able to serve as a Program Director with TeenPact this year.

2023 Program Directors