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Serena Deloglos October 14, 2015
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In our last post  we recapped our Back to DC event. As we were writing the post, we got many testimonies from students who felt specifically met by the Lord throughout the week. We quoted a few of them but didn’t have the space to share them all. So, we wanted to dedicate a special post to share their full stories from the week here. May you be blessed and encouraged as we were to see how God worked through this event.





“The Lord teaches me in a lot of different ways through a lot of different circumstances. But through my fellow students at Back to DC, He legitimately showed me what He wanted me to learn. Often times they were subtle– little things like a sweet sister saying with hunger in her eyes, “I love to love Him…” and the realization that He wants the same kind of deep yearning from me. Sometimes they were more personal, like crying a little with someone who understands a cross I’ve been asked to carry, but assures me of God’s sovereignty and how even this season of life is ordained. Even as we proclaimed the Amazing Grace extended to us in front of the Lincoln Memorial, I felt the Lord pointing out to me that this is what it looks like to be Light– bold little Lights proclaiming His gospel. The campaigning and Value Voter’s Summit and tours all brought unique lessons about as well. There’s really no end to the multitude of things you could learn at an event like Back to DC. Experiences like this change your heart.”

– Bekah Runey, PA





“So here’s the deal: I came into Back to DC not knowing exactly what to expect. What I got was a lot of solid speakers. I got an opportunity to exercise what I was learning as I worked as a campaign manager in the Race to the White House. I got to hear from many presidential candidates at the Values Voter Summit. That part was especially helpful as I will be voting in the next presidential election.


All that being said; my favorite part about the week was how much time we had to just talk with each other. Mealtimes, metro rides, free time, short moments between program elements. We had so much time to get to know each other well, and to have conversations on things of substance.


I had so many opportunities to strengthen old friendships and to build up new ones. For example: when my tour group went to the national zoo, a friend and I just sat on a bench and talked for nearly two hours. We talked about life, what God was teaching us, and we prayed for each other. God worked through His people at Back to D.C.”

– Noah Martin, VA





“Back to DC was an amazing week that put a significant emphasis on everything TeenPact stands for. Lessons on fully following Christ, leadership, fellowship, the political process, and teamwork saturated the week in a setting that encouraged growth and fun and love. One aspect of the week that struck me was how total strangers came into contact on the first day, and by the fourth day, we were nothing short of siblings – limited by blood but bound by Christ. People I had previously considered friends, along with those I had just met, quickly became family. I came to Back to DC in the midst of a confused and restless mind, and I left with a peaceful heart and friends who I knew would be there to support me in my life outside of TeenPact. What I learned the most about, however, was that God is the same God in TeenPact and in school and work and everyday life. He dwells in the valley and on the mountains.”

– Mandy Snodgrass, KS




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