TeenPact Congress 2022

September 12, 2022
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During each Four Day State Class, Students become a group of mock legislators, practicing the elements that actual state senators and representatives use when creating and debating laws. This TeenPact Legislature experience becomes the main focus of the Alumni Event Congress, where participants become a group of mock US Senators and Representatives or act as a Lobbyist or Reporter, simulating the U.S. Congress.


Jessica McIntyre shares her perspective of years of leadership with this Alumni Event.

“TeenPact’s Congress is an incredibly realistic event. This year’s TeenPact Congress was one of the most engaging, competitive, focused, and life-giving events I have ever witnessed! At Congress, the vision of Changing Lives to Change the World was realized in every element. From action-packed days at the Capitol, to faith-infused evenings at the camp, lives were changed, God was made much of, and the week was nothing short of incredible!”


Alex Purdy shared that Congress was the first TeenPact Alumni Event that she has attended. Alex’s role at Congress 2022 was as a reporter, thus we asked her to use what she had learned to write an article that would help explain the experience to those who were not there in person. Many thanks to Alex for interviewing other Congress participants, then sharing this inside view of a week at Congress with us TeenPacters across the nation.



A Week Filled With Community And Christ

 By Alexandra Purdy


TeenPact Congress was an exciting, educational, and energetic week that truly exceeded my expectations. I was a part of the media track, so I had the opportunity to find stories and write articles about the events of the day. The energy of the staff team and students was contagious, and during this week we were not viewed as just students – we were viewed as lobbyists, reporters, senators, and representatives. 


The week was fast-paced. Every track had important duties to fulfill. Senators and Representatives spent their days debating legislation in order to better support their parties and regions. Lobbyists hustled in and out of the chambers to persuade their congressmen and women to vote for their sponsored bills. Reporters wrote up daily newspapers and broadcasts to keep the TeenPact nation in the loop. After every caucus meeting, I was on the edge of my seat to see what party would now have the majority. I couldn’t wait to see which bills would pass through committee and reach the House and Senate. This event, Congress, was filled to the brim with opportunities to learn–but it was also so much more. 


 “Congress wasn’t just a time to learn and grow; it was a time to make friends and be around good, godly people,” said Naomi, a Congress attendee. “I met some pretty amazing people who loved God and wanted to serve Him with all that they do. That was an encouragement to me.” 


Lexi, another Congress attendee, shared, “The people at TeenPact Congress were just incredible. I’ve never seen any group with this strong a zeal for the Lord and learning. We went from complete strangers to family in just a few days.” 


Yet another Congress participant agreed that the people at Congress were full of Christ’s light and that the nightly small groups were authentic and a blessing. Between small groups, Rendezvous and free time, many deep conversations about God were had. After all, iron sharpens iron. Each worship session felt like breaking bread with a fellowship of believers.


“Going into the week, I had been feeling like I wasn’t fully committing to God and was struggling with several things,” shared Drew, a Congress attendee. “As the week progressed I continued to feel God moving. Worship time was especially great. Thursday night, after the testimony time, I spoke with a staff member. We talked, and I committed my life to Christ. So again, I’d say that Congress affected my life in a pretty important way.” 


“TeenPact State Class, Congress, and other Alumni Events are so much more than just camps to learn about government,” shares Alex. “It’s a place where friendships are made, where personal growth happens, where you are challenged, and where Christ is magnified. I can now personally testify that going to this event means making memories, growing friendships, and pursuing Christ, all while learning about the fascinating legislative process. TeenPact Congress 2022 has been adjourned sine die, but the impact it made for the Kingdom is lasting.”


Alex’s mom, Stephanie Purdy, served as a chaperone for TeenPact Congress and was excited about the experience that her daughter had. “She found her people! I just cannot say enough good things about the program or about TeenPact. I went home and talked with my husband. We decided we want to invest in this mission that means so much to us. We love the leaders and the mission.”




Your financial support of TeenPact’s gospel-focused mission to train and equip wise servant leaders makes programs like TeenPact Congress possible. Thank you for investing in the future of these young lives, in our country, and in the kingdom of God.