State Classes

State Classes


TeenPact trains young people to be leaders who will impact the nation and world for Jesus Christ. This is a comprehensive leadership experience that challenges students to grow both personally and spiritually. During the week, students will enjoy meeting and interacting with other Christian young people and leaders from across their state. Students will come away from TeenPact with a realization of their spiritual capacity as young people and a desire to change America for Christ. Read more about our vision and mission here.

For students ages 13-19, we have a nationally acclaimed Four Day Class followed by an optional Political Communication Workshop. The entire week is hands on, dynamic and focused on stretching students out of their comfort zones. The students who complete the Four Day Class are now eligible for our national Alumni Events.

For students ages 8-12, we have a fantastic One Day Class where parents and students experience a fast-paced introduction to state politics and the principles of citizenship.

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Here’s what TeenPact students are saying…

“One of the ways that TeenPact changed my life is it showed me that it doesn’t matter if you’re talented in public speaking or you like dressing up in a suit and tie or a skirt and heels, God wants to use you to change the world. We don’t have to be qualified because as long as we’re letting Christ work through our lives, we’re what He wants to use.” –Laura Shervheim, IA

“TeenPact has changed my life so much more than any other program like it has. It’s taught me how to be a Christian leader for my family, my peers, and my community.” – Jordan DuBaere, MI

“TeenPact has made me aware of the importance of being involved in politics, and has really convicted me to constantly evaluate my walk with God. TeenPact asks me to face difficult questions like, “Have I really dedicated my life to Christ?” “Am I striving to further the kingdom of God?”—-it implores me to flee from the complacency that plagues my generation.” --Sarah Hufstedler, TX

“TeenPact has opened my eyes to the fact that there are young people who think and believe as I do out there in the world.” –Shelby Zmudzinski, WY

“TeenPact has raised me to a totally new standard of living. It showed me how I can impact a normally all too corrupt thing, government. But the learning of Government only scratches the surface of what TeenPact has done for me, it gave me better critical thinking skills, public speaking capabilities, and showed me how to step out of my comfort zone and change the world we live in. But most importantly, it gave me a closer relationship with, Christ.” –Stevie Leifheit, ME

“TeenPact has inspired me to strive for a level of personal excellence in all areas of my life. Because of TeenPact, I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and become a better leader, citizen, and servant of Jesus Christ.” –Courtney Bledsoe, AZ

“TeenPact has truly blessed my life in many ways, through TeenPact I have learned, grown, made wonderful friends and forged great relationships, had fun, worshiped God, served, lead, stretched my comfort zone, and most importantly God has used TeenPact to truly bless my relationship with Him and give me a closer walk with Him.” – Abigail Shackleford, AR

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