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Student Stories Needed!


This morning marks the official start of our third week of classes! Delaware, Tennessee, Indiana I, and Texas I have already hit annals of TeenPact history. This week, families are gathering at their state Capitols for Virginia I, Indiana II, Texas II, and South Dakota. We are so excited to hear stories of life change and the ways that God individually meets students and staff right where they’re at.

We are so excited to hear stories of life change and the ways that God individually meets TeenPact families right where they’re at.

So, if you are a TeenPacter who has attended in the past or will be joining us for the first time this season, we want to hear from you! Have you felt moved by worship? Built new friendships at the class? Stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new? Walked away from the class with a refreshed vision of God’s call on your life? If so, tell us! No story is to small or too grand to hear. As a national office staff, we thrive off of testimonies from students in the states that we serve. More importantly, God is glorified when we publicly share about His work and His help in our lives.To share your story with us, send an email to We will be featuring as many of these stories as possible on our blog throughout the season.


For inspiration as you work on writing your TeenPact story, check out how God taught Luke to trust Him, or how Blake took a step of faith and ran for governor. Read how Mackenzie dreaded going to the class, but it turned out to be a fantastic experience. Hear the stories of Evelyn, Rebekah, Noah, Mandy, Thomas, and Bekah as they experienced God’s live changing power at some of our alumni events over the summer.

IMG_7957Whatever you have to share, we look forward to adding your name to this collection of stories!

Registration for the 2016 State Classes is open! Click here to find out more information about your state and to register today!

At first, I thought Teenpact was just a class that gave you extra credit to apply to a college. However, after the first day I already felt God’s hand on me and moving me in the direction that He planned for me. I made a ton of friends including the staffer (which are more of a friend than a teacher) and they are amazing. I urge, however, that you will be ready to learn and increase your knowledge of God, who He is, and Politics (trust me, it is way more fun than you think). Mainly, I urge that you focus on what God requires of you and that when you take these classes that you will do it with an ability to serve others and have a mind to learn. This has changed my life and I think you can do it too.


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