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Why Field Experiences?

FE1 It isn’t difficult to teach a student about how their state and local government. Hundreds of books and classrooms have done that just fine. At TeenPact, we recognize that it only takes a trip to your local library to gain a basic understanding about the structure of the political process. However, what books and classrooms can not offer is the opportunity to actually experience one’s government in a hands-on fashion. TeenPact takes students on-site to their Capitol to do just that. One of the best ways that we train First Time students is through our Field Experiences.

FE3When students first come to a state class, they will spend a big part of their week in the actual halls of the Capitol in a series of five Field Experiences. These Field Experiences have been specifically crafted as an integral part of our curriculum, giving students the opportunity to encounter their government first hand. These five breakouts are at once unique from and concomitant with one another to form a well-rounded week.

  • In House and Senate students will spend time in their House and Senate Chambers learning the function of the legislature and history of the spaces.
  • During Executive Order they explore the role of the Executive Branch, hear from elected officials and tour important offices.
  • The Interviewing Lobbyist Field Experience has been a longtime favorite for students as they talk one-on-one with Corporate, Contract, and Constituent Lobbyists who work at the Capitol everyday.
  • Judicial Review focuses on the Judicial Branch of government, equipping students to understand the court system and its role in the balance of powers. This is done through engaging discussion and mini moot-court simulations.
  • Students will dig deep into the process of analyzing legislation during the Bill Analysis Field Experience. Drawing on work that they have done during their pre-class homework, students will work as a group to investigate current legislation, visit their Bill Room, and pull bills themselves, just as their congressmen do.

After these Field Experiences are completed, students will not only have a clearer understanding of the political process, but will have gained practical experience in working with their state government in a variety of forms.

TeenPact has a deeply rooted conviction about the capacity of young people.

Few other programs enmesh students so well into the workings of their leaders. Because of our deeply rooted conviction about the capacity of young people, TeenPact strives to present students with a program that will not only educate but also inspire them to make a difference in their culture and their world.

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