2023 State Class Season in Review

June 12, 2023
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Inside the Mission


In his letter below, CEO Peter Martin provides some highlights from this year’s State Class Season. First, hear from Four Day Class students themselves of the impact on their lives.


At the end of each Four Day State Class, teen students share how their TeenPact experiences have impacted their lives.

Some graduates shared that their faith in Christ was particularly impacted.


Other students explained how they grew in leadership skills, character, and confidence.

Teens expressed how their understanding of the government grew.




Greetings, TeenPact Supporters!


It has been a spectacular season with many amazing opportunities to fulfill TeenPact’s vision of changing lives to change the world. 


I’m excited to share these highlights from the 2023 State Class season:

But the most important number to share is that we serve ONE and only one God – the LORD, our Lord!  What a blessing this year has been.


None of this would have happened without hundreds of people committing countless hours, and to each who has given financially to make this mission possible. I am so grateful for your service and stewardship of your resources to TeenPact.  


These words come to mind frequently as I pray for TeenPact:

I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers, because I hear of your love and of the faith that you have toward the Lord Jesus and for all the saints, and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ. For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you.  Philemon 1:4-7 (ESV)


Your prayers are so appreciated. All employees pray together on Wednesday at 2:00 Eastern Time. Would you join us as we pray for continued discipleship impact through TeenPact as God directs?


With gratitude and blessings,

Peter Martin