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God’s Gift of Being Unique

Elizabeth Albano November 08, 2019
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This post was written by TeenPact Student Body Representative David Gosz from Oklahoma

“Leadership” is a word we hear frequently in TeenPact. My eyes used to glaze over at the mention of leadership because it seemed repetitive and unnecessary for people to talk about it so much. But the truth is, TeenPact, our parents, and the Bible talk about leadership so much because it is such a crucial topic. 


The dictionary defines leadership as, “The action of leading a group of people or an organization.” However, I believe the heart of leadership goes deeper. True leadership is taking life by the horns and disciplining oneself to use our gifts and talents in a way that glorifies God. The difficult aspect of this is that when a group of leaders come together, everyone has different gifts. Everyone leads differently. The comparison game is frequently played in these situations. Yet the beauty of a group is in the diversity of personalities, and it is a gift that God has created us uniquely. 


I love the word unique. If I can be the cool, odd one out of the crowd, then I have completed my goal for the day. But, being the special leader everyone looks up to is difficult when other people also strive to be special. Some people can stand out in a crowd because they fit the scenario better or fit the crowd better and sometimes other people are just having a better day than you are. How can you let your light shine when someone else is shining so brightly it is dimming yours out? 


It can be difficult to step outside of this cycle and some of us–instead of adjusting our mindset–start conforming to our thoughts and strive to act like someone we are not. “If Kade can do that, then I can too!” “If people respect leaders like Sarah, then I will be like Sarah too.” You start tangling yourself up in knots and distressing yourself as you try to mimic someone else. 


You may wonder, what is the harm in mimicking other people? God created each and every one of us to have different gifts. When you try to be someone else’s type of unique, you deviate from how God intended you to be. The comparison game is poisonous and once you have started, you will have a difficult time stopping. 


Having a hero or role model is not bad. In fact, looking up to a good, Christ-honoring person can move the direction and quality of your life in a positive way. However, as perfect as your heroes may seem, we must remember that they are just human beings and not meant to be copied exactly. We are meant to become more like Christ. Only Jesus is the perfect example of how we should live our lives. Hero-modeling becomes poisonous as soon as you start comparing and tearing yourself apart because you are not like them. In the end, you are just the person you God created you to be. You can be influenced for better or for worse, but in the end, you are just yourself. 


This can sound like a really depressing fact to some of you because you are not happy with who you are. Well, I’d like to encourage you with truth. You are unique. I do not care how unsatisfied you are with yourself.


Psalms 139:14 says, “I praise you (Lord), for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”


You are a wonderful creation made by God.  No one else can be you; that is something only you can pull off with flying colors. Sure, others may share your talents. But no one else has the exact combination of gifts like you. No one else can be a leader in the special way that you can. That is what makes life so exciting! We are all different and each of us adds a different flavor, color, musical note, or deep thought into each and everything we touch.  


Live the way God intended you to live. You have a gift, my friend. That gift is from God:

the gift of being unique. Because of this gift, you can reach people and spread the gospel in ways others can not, just because of the gifts and talents God has uniquely blessed you with.


So now I ask: what are you going to do with your gift? I challenge you make your life mean something. Go out and be a great leader, wielding God’s great gift of being unique. Know that you will still struggle. But, do not get so caught up on how you are acting and what you are becoming that you start underscoring yourself as a person and stop relying on God’s strength. Instead, lean on God more. A sign of a true leader is leaning on God in your weakness.


Corinthians 12:9 says, “But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.””

Let that encourage you. God knows we have weaknesses and He is prepared to help us overcome our faults and make us more like Him.  Do not let this world get the best of you, because your best is not meant for the world. Give your best to God. Use the great gift of being unique to bless the world. 


Student Body Representative David Gosz 

The ideas, conventions, and, opinions expressed in this article are original to the author. These views are not the stated beliefs held by TeenPact Leadership Schools.  For more information on TeenPact Leadership School’s Vision and Values, please visit https://teenpact.com/vision-values/.

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