Volunteer Emergency Training


Thank you for taking the time to complete this Emergency Training in preparation for the State Class Season! Below, you will find four videos, totaling approximately 20 minutes of training, which we would ask you to watch from start to finish. You do not need to watch them in one sitting, but you do need to complete all the videos prior to State Class. Additionally, you will find full Privacy and Confidentiality Guidelines, as well as Emergency Procedures in your Manual or Guidebook. We ask that you read through these sections thoroughly, as they have been updated for the 2021 State Class Season.


Once you’ve completed the videos and read through the corresponding sections of your Manual or Guidebook, please complete the form at the bottom of this page, verifying that you have completed all of the steps for the Emergency Training requirement. If you have any questions during the training, please feel free to contact the National Office at 804-323-7051.


part 1: privacy and confidentiality


part 2: illness and injury


part 3: natural disasters


part 4: potentially violent incidents

confirmation and verification

Volunteer Emergency Training Verification Form

  • Personal Information

  • Verification