A Year of Strengthening the State Class Program

Peggy Adams December 16, 2021
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Every October, the TeenPact Employees meet to review the previous year, considering strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within the ministry. With the goal of continuous improvement, strategic plans for the next year are made. Likewise, each November, TeenPact’s Board of Directors meet to review the strategic plan to ensure a successful year.


This fall, both groups celebrated the milestone of having State Classes available in all 50 states! Because this long-standing goal of organizing a State Class program in each state has been attained, plans to grow the reach of these programs is the next logical step. The Employees were excited to discuss what an expansion might look like.


Upon careful discussion and prayer, the teams determined that the best way to prepare the ministry of TeenPact for the growth of impact–by adding additional classes and programs in the future–is to first undergird and strengthen the existing State Classes. Many State Class programs are in the building or rebuilding stages because some are newer classes, while lingering effects of COVID are affecting many programs. 


While the pandemic certainly affected the size and location of many classes this past season, over 2,500 Four Day Students participated in the 2021 State Class Season. Teens, parents, and legislators have reported the powerful effect of TeenPact’s unique leadership and discipleship training provided through a State Class experience. 


Though the State Class program has been robustly impacting lives, TeenPact’s Board and Employees understand the need to strengthen existing foundations to provide sustaining support. Thus, they determined that the main focus for 2022 will be to stabilize the existing infrastructure of the State Class Program, concentrating on these primary goals:  

The work to stabilize the existing State Class Programs will undoubtedly also bring an increase of Students, thus reaching more minds and hearts with fruitful leadership and discipleship training. The year 2020 was a turbulent time for everyone, and 2021 was another year of adapting to the challenges we all faced. Yet, by God’s grace, TeenPact came through stronger and healthier in many ways. We give thanks to God for His continued provision, and thanks to each supporter for your selfless contributions. 


Countless TeenPact Alumni and Friends of TeenPact have testified to the effectiveness of their TeenPact experience. Yet considering TeenPact’s Core Value 7, Excellence for Impact, TeenPact’s Board and Employees enter the 2022 State Class Season excited to work together with TeenPact supporters across the country to continuously improve these already powerfully influential programs.

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