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Amazed and Humbled

Peter Martin December 26, 2016
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Over 17 years ago, I attended my first TeenPact State Class at the Florida Capitol. As a 12-year-old student, I was not of age for the Four Day Class so, with the help of my mom, I wrote a letter requesting a waiver to attend the class. A few weeks before the class, I broke my arm and remember lying in the emergency room, asking my mom if I could still go to TeenPact.  At that point, I had no idea of the impact TeenPact would have on my life.


I am convinced TeenPact prepared me for life more than any other education I have received. When you place someone in challenging situations with proper support, growth is experienced in exponential ways. TeenPact has perfected this formula for growing leaders in a way I have not seen elsewhere. Throughout my career, I have faced many challenging circumstances from business crises to major interpersonal issues at work. I have seen many co-workers struggle greatly. However, the character, leadership, and interpersonal skills I learned through TeenPact have enabled me to successfully manage these difficult situations, provide leadership, and produce tangible results for my company. Additionally, some of my deepest friendships were formed through TeenPact.


After my final season with TeenPact, I attended Florida State University where I received my undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance. One of my close friends and a fellow TeenPact Intern, Jenna Whatley, also attended FSU and introduced me to her roommate Holly, a godly and attractive meteorology student. In the spring of 2009 we were married and shortly thereafter moved to Washington, D.C. where Holly worked for the National Weather Service, and I for Razoo, an online fundraising company. As a senior executive for my company I use the skills and lessons learned through my internship at TeenPact on a regular basis. Being able to manage stress, interact with others, and communicate effectively has provided me with many opportunities in my life and career.



In 2012 God blessed us with our first child, Joel and we decided to move back to Florida to be close to family. Our second son Luke was born earlier this year. Looking back on my life I am amazed and humbled at the blessings God has given me in and through my connection to TeenPact. Without TeenPact, I would not have met my lovely wife nor had the career opportunities that have brought me to where I am today.


Early in our marriage, Holly and I discussed how we wanted to give as a couple. We decided to carefully consider investing in 2-3 ministries outside our local church. It was not a hard decision for us to give to TeenPact. We couldn’t give a lot but we have been committed monthly supporters ever since. We strongly believe in the mission and impact that TeenPact has on so many young leaders. I also desire to partner with TeenPact so that one day my children can have the same opportunity to learn and grow through the wonderful programs TeenPact conducts. In my experience, nothing speaks louder about the reputation of an organization than the willingness of former participants to support and give.


I owe a significant debt of gratitude to donors and supporters of TeenPact for helping to underwrite my education. I was surprised to find out that TeenPact invests over $18,000 in each intern and covers much of the tuition costs for attending students. Executing a successful class at this caliber is not cheap nor is providing training for hundreds of student leaders. Expenses for items such as travel, insurance, salaries, vehicle maintenance, website, and computers add up quickly. Due to the generosity of donors like you TeenPact is able to reach and train student leaders around the country with its unique and proven formula. Many worthy causes are asking for your support during this season of giving. I ask that you consider investing with TeenPact in raising up the next generation of leaders our country so desperately needs. My family and I are living examples of the investment that you have made in this ministry. On behalf of former and current student leaders, thank you for your support.



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