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An Inside Look at Staff Training

Pam Minyard February 11, 2015
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Imagine a room filled with 200 young people who are rising leaders with a passion for the Gospel.


Picture the encouraging conversations, the challenging ideas, and the dynamic energy permeating such a room. Scripture describes this picture in the book of Proverbs. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)



Welcome to TeenPact Staff Training

At Staff Training 2015, 200 excited TeenPact staff members gathered from across the nation for a week of mentoring and spiritual encouragement before the start of TeenPact State Class Season.


“The State Class Season essentially kicks off from this week,” says Peter Martin, TeenPact CEO. “We strive to equip our student staff for the challenges and opportunities that will arise as they serve across the nation.”



A New Generation of Leaders is Rising Up

The TeenPact State Class program would not be possible without alumni students who volunteer to serve as student staff members. Through a personal interview and application process, alumni students are selected to staff by demonstrating outstanding leadership ability and spiritual influence amongst their peers. Once selected, these student staff members travel to lead the TeenPact program across the nation, often raising their own financial support.


TeenPact traveling staff member, Hoyt Crouch of Texas is convinced that serving as a staffer is a privilege. “The opportunity to serve and minister to students around the nation is well worth the financial sacrifice to be able to travel and serve others for a mission that I believe in,” he says.



Spiritual Focus is Key to the TeenPact Vision

TeenPact founder Tim Echols exhorted the trainees, “Spiritual transformation is valued above all else in the TeenPact ministry.” Over and over, students were reminded of the gospel-centered focus of this organization.


Ryan Fraser of Indiana attended Staff Training for the first time. About his experience he says, “Staff Training was vision-setting—I thought it would be more about what to teach, but it was really about how to have an impact on student’s lives.”



With record enrollment in 54 classes this season, we are so excited to see how our team of staffers impact lives this season. For more information about our field staff, visit the “Volunteer Staff” page. Applications for 2016 TeenPact staff will open at National Convention this May.



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