Back to DC 2023

December 19, 2023
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Back to DC is the very first alumni program TeenPact offered. Every year, students from all around the United States choose this as their opportunity to experience our nation’s capital.

Back to DC takes students onto Capitol Hill and through the halls of power, providing experiences for them to brush shoulders with great leaders, visit historical landmarks, and learn how to make their own impact.


Through TeenPact’s partnership with the Leadership Institute, students engage in top-notch training in political philosophy, activism, and campaigning. Attendees immediately use these tools they learn to run an energetic mock Presidential campaign. In addition to the learning elements, Back to DC offers a legendary monument tour and worship in the heart of the city.


Amy Kamerzell, a TeenPact parent, reports, “My family has been attending TeenPact state classes for years, but this year, we finally decided to attend an Alumni Event, which was life-changing!” Amy continues, “The staff, as usual, were incredibly friendly and inviting, and they consistently engaged and challenged the students. What stood out the most to me as a parent was the amount of thought and effort TeenPact put into this program, ensuring students received the most out of it as possible. Back to DC did not have any downtime. Instead, every hour was full of opportunities to learn and deepen their faith.”


“It is hard to describe the exact impact Back to DC had on my student or myself,” Amy reflects, “but I do know that I left Washington, D.C., with an overwhelming feeling of hope that God is at work and that what we stand for matters. I feel encouraged that my kids will have a chance to take a stand and affect change. Thank you, TeenPact!!!”


Ana Caiazzo relates,I was so encouraged each day as we worshiped the Lord together! I was challenged during morning devotions as we learned about friendship, and blessed each night during nightly Rendezvous where we had the opportunity to talk about our day and pray for each other! The impact this week made on my life is yet to be fully realized, but l do know this much, this trip gave me a new appreciation and passion for TeenPact, our amazing country, and our sovereign God!”


Kaylyn Hoog reports, “Attending Back to DC for the very first time was an amazing experience! I got to learn so much and learned so many new things! Doing this made me feel closer to God and I felt Him with me when I was in DC. One of the things that I loved in DC was Worshiping outside the Lincoln Memorial at night. It was really awesome to be outside at night just worshiping the Lord! 


Anna Reynolds says, “Back to DC was one of the most exciting and edifying weeks of my life! I had so much fun exploring the city and national landmarks, and it was absolutely surreal to see national leaders speak! The fellow believers I got to experience this week with were a great encouragement to me. At Back to DC, I was reminded through the preaching, devotionals, and Rendezvous evening devos and prayer time that the strength to endure and fight our imperfection comes from treasuring the One who died for it and who will one day defeat it. The way to holiness is to fix our eyes on the Holy One, who will shape us into the image of Himself. Back to DC was a priceless trip, and I will never forget the memories I made, the people I met, or the impact it had on my heart!”


Faith Grider shares,  “During the week at Back to DC, when Mr. Quin Cools announced that we would be attending the Pray Vote Stand Summit, the room erupted with cheers and shouting. We all knew that former President Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Ben Carson, and many other national leaders would be speaking at this event. We could hardly sleep that night. The next morning we all rushed through Bonjour, our morning personal devotion time, hurried through breakfast, and for those of us who walked from the hotel to the Leadership Institute, practically ran in our heels!”


Faith continues, “The day of the event, we walked to a fancy hotel and checked in with security, found our seats, and then went to look around the vendor expo. I wandered off without realizing it and came face to face with Dr. Ben Carson! I returned to my group and proudly showed off my picture with him. While there, we listened to great speakers and returned to the Leadership Institute to hear from evening speakers, Race to the White House, and Bible study.”


“The week flew by all too fast,” Faith says. “Before I knew it, the day came when we had our last worship service, only this time we were on the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the Washington Monument and the reflection pool. That’s when reality hit a lot of kids – that we have the freedom to worship in our nation’s Capital, but we take that for granted. Many kids started crying, some hugging, some even raising their hands in praise. I have personally never before been around a bunch of teenagers who were truly grateful for the freedom that they have.”


“It seemed like God was telling me that ‘for such a time as this,’ God had placed me in D.C to show me that there will be a time where I will be away from my parents and my sister,” shares Faith. “But it is up to me to determine whether or not I will let that affect me. God can use me no matter where I am, I just need to trust God with my life.” 

Thank you to all who have given to make the life-changing event of Back to DC possible!