State Class Alumni and Parents Share Before and After Stories

March 11, 2024
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I just can’t say enough good things about TeenPact!” I’ve been very inspired to grow in my relationship with Christ. Every year that I participate in TeenPact, the Bonjour devotionals are so encouraging. Class Director Mr. Chambers’ lessons and the Staffers’ morning devotionals really encouraged me to have a more regular walk with Christ. Mr. Chambers has an incredible testimony. He told us every night that we don’t have to have a crazy life to live for Christ. I really took that to heart. This year especially, TeenPact has impacted me to have a deeper and more regular walk with Christ.”

“We have to let our light shine out to the world, and not keep it to ourselves, because that is what God has called us to do.” “I understand the political process and the government more. I have done TeenPact and other government classes in the past, but this year it really clicked. The way that the Staffers presented their lessons (like Politics 101, Constitution 101 and more) helped me not only know the process, but understand it, too. With that, I feel more confident in my knowledge of how the government works. I was able to participate more in the Alumni Track, which I really enjoyed.”


“During the Alumni Track, we were able to really dive into what liberty is. I’ve always known that liberty is important, but I’ve never truly taken its value to heart. As we discussed our liberty here in America, how we keep our liberty, and why we should be grateful for it, my appreciation for liberty has deepened. That week at TeenPact opened my eyes to the fact that God has blessed me to live in America and have true liberty, which we so easily take for granted.”


“After participating in TeenPact, I feel much better prepared to engage the culture with Christ’s love and biblical values. Our Program Director, Marco Pineda, had us go over Micah 6:8 every day. He reminded us that God calls us to be in the world, but not of the world. I now have Micah 6:8 memorized! One of my favorite things that Marco told us is that God wants us to be a light and a witness for Him. Marco said in order to do that, we must go out into our society and culture. We have to let our light shine out to the world, and not keep it to ourselves, because that is what God has called us to do. I am encouraged to step out and speak up in everyday life. 


Another thing that impacted me is when Brad Heredia, one of the Interns, told us: “We are called to be gentle Christians, but we are also called to stand firm.” I love how he said it because it really illustrates how God wants us to lead. 

Brad said something else that really encouraged me. He told us, “As Staffers, we are only here with you one week. But as you go back to your day-to-day lives, you get to be the “Staffers.” Your friends and classmates rely on you every week. Be a leader.” The Staffers are some of the strongest Christians I’ve met, and I love getting to talk with them about life. Brad’s words really impacted me to be a leader like these Staffers have modeled and shine my light for Christ.”