TeenPact Conduct Requirements

TeenPact Conduct Requirements


VISITOR POLICY – State Classes

Our goal at TeenPact is to create a distraction-free environment where each person can have a full and rewarding experience. To meet these ends, we have created the following policy for parents, former alumni, and guests at all State Classes. We ask that all guests joining us at the Capitol observe the TeenPact dress code and respect the professional environment. Students or parents interested in observing the class are invited to join us at the Capitol for graduation on Thursday afternoon.

At the Capitol

Parents of registered students are invited to join us at the Capitol at any point during the Four Day Class. Former TeenPact alumni are welcome to attend graduation on Thursday afternoon as well.

Residential Camps

In states offering residential camps, parents may register and stay at the camp as chaperones (when space is available). If your student is commuting to class, we would love to have them join the Evening Sessions at camp. Please check your state page for more details in the Evening Session portion of the Four Day Class information. There may be an opportunity for former alumni to visit one evening. Please check with your State Coordinator to find out more information regarding availability and cost.

Evening Sessions

In states offering Evening Sessions, parents and students are welcome to join at any time. Please check your state page for more details.

There may be an opportunity for former alumni to visit one evening. Please check with your State Coordinator to find out more information regarding availability and cost.


VISITOR POLICY – Alumni Events

In order to protect our students and limit distractions, visitors to Alumni Events must be approved in advance by the Program Director. Please contact the Program Director of the Alumni Event you are interested in visiting. Contact information for the Program Directors is available on the event specific pages.



We require students and chaperones to be present for the entirety of a TeenPact event. To inquire about exceptions, please contact our office at 804-323-7051. For an exception onsite, speak with your State Coordinator, Class Director or Event Director.



We expect attendees to respect and follow the directions of all TeenPact Directors and Staff while present at a TeenPact event.



We ask that special relationships not be started or facilitated during TeenPact events. Thus we ask our students to maintain boundaries throughout the week and to build friendships, while not spending excessive amounts of time with members of the opposite gender. Specifically, we want to lessen the amount of one-on-one situations so as to avoid any appearance of an exclusive or romantic relationship. We want every student to experience genuine friendship during their time at TeenPact, so look for people you don’t know and work to draw them into your circle.



We require students to stay within the boundaries described by TeenPact Directors and/or Staff. Students found outside of event boundaries may be dismissed.



We require students to stay out of the opposite gender’s Bubble Zone. A Bubble Zone consists of the lodging space a gender is staying in and any surrounding area designated by TeenPact Staff. At no time is it permitted for a male student to enter a female student’s room, and vice versa.


We expect students to abide by the time set for lights out each night. Lights out means: in bed, lights off, and no talking. Students found outside of dorms after lights out may be dismissed. This will be left to the discretion of the Event and/or Program Director.



TeenPact seeks to train youth to properly utilize phones and digital technology in a manner appropriate to their setting. At TeenPact events, we aim to cultivate a focused environment, free from the distractions of digital entertainment and communication with non-event participants, to promote unity and maximize the opportunities available to every participant.


Students are to refrain from using phones and other electronic devices for entertainment and communication with non-event participants with the exception of contacting family, coordinating travel arrangements, and in cases of emergency. This includes refraining from personal texting or calling, social media, music, movies, internet browsing, photo and video editing, etc. while at a TeenPact event. Additional exceptions may be approved by the Program Director, Class Director, or State Coordinator.



Out of honor for the Lord and respect for students who come from a wide range of backgrounds, we ask everyone to refrain from the excessive use of “substitute” swear words. All explicit words are strictly prohibited. Further, we ask everyone to refrain from crude or coarse language, jokes and insinuations.



For the majority of TeenPact events, the Directors and Staff of TeenPact will not administer medication of any kind to students. The exception is National Convention, when there is a team of trained medical professionals on-site.



Tea and coffee are permitted. All other forms of caffeine, such as energy drinks, are not permitted at TeenPact events.



Animals are not permitted at TeenPact events. To inquire about service animal exceptions, please contact our office at 804-323-7051. 


Any type of poker, gambling, or drinking games are not permitted.



Dancing is not permitted at any TeenPact event.



Students may be permitted to swim at gender specific events: TeenPact Venture and TeenPact Endeavor. Swimming is not permitted at any other TeenPact event.



Possession and/or use of the following substances are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate dismissal:  Tobacco Products, Vaping Products, Drugs, Alcohol.



We expect students to refrain from pranking of any kind while at a TeenPact event. Pranks are often misunderstood, leave a poor example for those who hear about them, and can escalate needlessly. We want our students to create great memories and make fast friends.



All bullying is strictly prohibited. Bullying includes: taunting, stealing, verbal and/or written harsh and/or demeaning language, and unwanted physical contact.



All forms of abuse–verbal, physical, and mental–are strictly prohibited.



All weapons are strictly prohibited.



TeenPact Program Directors and Event Directors reserve the right to dismiss any attendee who violates any of the policies listed above or whose conduct becomes detrimental to the best interest of the program. No refunds will be made for dismissed attendees.