Encore – Amanda Hinkle

March 20, 2023
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Amanda Hinkle was able to participate in a TeenPact State Class one time, attending TeenPact Arizona in 2019 as a high school senior. Amanda reports that this single TeenPact experience impacted her life greatly.


“TeenPact Arizona was a hallmark experience for me! What a blessing to be able to bring young Christians and future leaders of our country into the sphere of state government with worship, prayer, teaching, and training. I learned that this institution can be ‘done well’ and found that Christians are really doing something important by engaging with their government as informed citizens.”


Amanda further explains that not only did she learn more about the functions of state government, she says that she now feels better prepared to confidently explain her position on various issues.


“Being able to clearly explain and defend my opinions and beliefs in impromptu settings is an essential skill that I was able to grow in through the State Class. The student leaders broke down the steps clearly, modeling and teaching us with live examples about voice inflection, facial expression, and other important elements of speech. Seeing these Interns and Staffers in action was very insightful and impactful for me. Then we students had multiple opportunities to practice using this new knowledge to grow in our own confidence and skill.”



Since her TeenPact Arizona experience, Amanda has successfully applied the training, knowledge, and confidence she gained to her educational and professional endeavors. In only three years, Amanda graduated summa cum laude with undergraduate degrees in Food Industry Management, BA, and Business Administration, BA, from Arizona State University, while participating in Barrett, The Honors College and being nominated for “Senior of the Year.” Currently, she is working toward a Masters of Business Administration at The College of William & Mary, with the ultimate goal of becoming the CEO of Sprouts Farmers Market, where she currently works.


Amanda concludes, “TeenPact was a great way to round out my high school experience. I’m so grateful for the leaders who make this happen. They put in so much work and it makes such an impact!”