Endeavor 2023

October 10, 2023
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Endeavor, TeenPact’s Alumni Event for girls ages 15 to 19, provides focused discipleship for like-minded young women from across the country. Through practical hands-on training, this event is designed to inspire and equip young ladies to live their lives as ambassadors for Christ in all areas of their life. 


Program Director, Evie Erickson, provides her assessment of the impact: “Girls walked away from the event expressing that they now have practical things to implement into their lives that will help them grow closer to Jesus. Many attendees said that they now know what it looks like to be a woman of God.”


Isabella Yuen attended Endeavor I and shares this about her experience:

“Going to Endeavor impacted me much more than I ever could have imagined. This year was my first time going to Endeavor and I cannot thank God enough that I attended Endeavor when I did. Endeavor impacted me in many ways. The first is the emphasis and importance of finding a good Christian community.


Also, I was able to be vulnerable and to dive deep in friendships almost immediately. Spending time on the lake and outdoors and talking to the mentors helped me refocus my life and decide what things in my day-to-day life were distracting me. When I returned home, it was a lot easier to figure out what bad habits to throw away and what better habits to replace them with. God showed up and blessed me in many ways during my week at Endeavor.”

TeenPact mom, Rebecca Smith, who served as a chaperone for Endeavor I, relates the impact she witnessed: “This year, our eldest daughter, now a senior in high school, expressed her desire to attend TeenPact’s Endeavor Alumni Event. Eagerly, I signed up to chaperone, anticipating some quality time with her. Little did I know the incredible experience that awaited us.”


The meticulous planning that went into this event was evident in every moment. Worship, inspiring speakers, small group discussions, one-on-one mentorship, sports, and creative activities filled our days. Each morning began with optional aerobics setting a positive tone for those disciplined enough to brave the earlier morning hours. 


As a mentor, I was profoundly impacted by the experience, just as much as my daughter. We bonded over cooking, shared laughter while doing dishes, and sometimes shed tears together. Small group discussions with other mentors and late-night chats with my roommates felt like reliving summer camp. The memories and friendships formed during that week are treasures I’ll cherish forever. 


As a mother, witnessing my daughter’s experience at TeenPact’s Endeavor Alumni Event was nothing short of heartwarming. Hearing her describe it as the best event she had ever attended filled me with immense joy and gratitude. 


The emphasis on biblical femininity was inspiring for both of us. It was exciting to see my daughter and the other young women delve into their relationship with the Lord and explore what it means to be a Christian woman. The daily quiet times, the wisdom imparted by speakers, and the heartfelt worship sessions provided an avenue for her to refocus on her relationship with the Lord, and I was thankful to be able to witness her spiritual growth firsthand. 


Observing my daughter’s transformative experience, where she not only formed lifelong friendships but also enriched her relationship with God, was a testament to the holistic and impactful approach of TeenPact. It reaffirmed the importance of faith, leadership, and community in shaping our lives and creating enduring memories. 


I was already convinced of TeenPact’s impact, but this event allowed me to see even more clearly the heart of TeenPact. It is a ministry that transforms lives, not just for the students, but for their families too. Lock, stock, and barrel, my husband and I are sold on TeenPact and the incredible journey it offers to those seeking faith, leadership, and unforgettable memories.”


The call to be a godly woman amid a confused generation is a hard task, one that requires purpose and effort. Taught by a committed team of godly TeenPact women, this much-requested program provides a special time to disciple young ladies to have a unique impact in today’s culture.

Forty young women attended Endeavor I in September in Georgia. To meet the demand, a second event was hosted this year; Endeavor II was held in Arkansas in early October, with  # young ladies attending.