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Serena Deloglos September 07, 2015
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A while back I shared with you about one of my favorite Alumni Events, TeenPact Endeavor. Last month, I traveled with a team to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to host the first of two camps, Endeavor West.As usual, God met each of one of the young woman present in unique and meaningful ways. Be it through the splendor of His creation, the sweetness of daily worship, or the fun (and sometimes crazy!) activities that brought us into greater fellowship with one another, the grace of the gospel was present in all that we did.



After one of the evening sessions, one of the students came up with a torn piece of journal paper. On it were a few short sentences of her heart that she wanted to share. Her testimony is simple but the joy in her heart apparent.



“What should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer. God is teaching me so much this week. I thank Him for bringing me here…Set among the beautiful Rockies, how can anyone not appreciate Him?…I thank my parents for sending me and I thank TeenPact for establishing Endeavor. On that rugged cross hung my salvation. His love has poured out, over me.”



Life change doesn’t just happen at a State Class in a Capitol building, it can happen with a group of girls drinking tea, shooting guns, doing hair, or playing paintball…just like it did at Endeavor West.



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