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Quinton Cools May 28, 2018
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The final day of TeenPact National Convention had many special moments of genuine fellowship, deep conversation, and passionate worship. It was another day on the journey toward understanding who the Great Shepherd is and what He has done for His sheep. Seeking, rescuing, forgiving, healing, keeping, and finally — filling.


Our morning worship started with Scripture readings about the grace of God, reminding students that it is the very Spirit of God that fills us. The thirsty find everlasting satisfaction in Christ and the lost are found and filled with the Bread of Life.


The morning’s speaker, Tim Echols, the founder of TeenPact, spoke of this by breaking down several verses from Psalm 119 and sharing how Jesus changes our mission and purpose in life. He asked the audience questions such as “What is it that you yearn for? That you lean into? Is it God’s work and Word or something else? How does righteousness revive you?” In closing, he encouraged students to make the most of every opportunity and to take this season of life seriously, inserting their faith into everything they do.


After a short lunch break, the auditorium seats were filled once more to welcome Kack back onto the stage for one last show. They also had opportunity to cheer for a final performance of Kathleen’s personal band – Kack’s Krewe. Both morning and afternoon shows received rave reviews from the NatCon18 students and parents alike.


During the inaugural proceedings, President-elect Carissa Gould boldly shared a stirring speech, encouraging students to understand what we are saved from and also what we are saved to. Asking students what and who they were living for, she explained that unity comes from similar goals and pointed out that if we all are unified together with the goal of glorifying God, our lives will result in a life of worship to Him.


Afternoon free time brought about a unique way of raising support for International Justice Mission. Students donated to IJM for a chance to soak a few of TeenPact’s finest in a dunk tank setup in the middle of Alumni Park. This activity brought lots of cheers and laughter as one team member after another found themselves submerged in the tank. Elsewhere on campus, championship games were held for our National Convention Soccer and Volleyball Tournaments. The two semi-final games for Ultimate Frisbee set the stage for the evening’s Championship Game under the lights.


As the daylight began to fade, students prepared for the final evening session. In the course of the session, a group of incredible individuals was welcomed on to the stage by thunderous applause. It was a team of people that had continually poured themselves out, stayed up many late nights completing necessary tasks, traveled all around the country investing in students, and served many all throughout the State Class season – the 2018 TeenPact Intern Team. Staff Development Directors Serena Walker and Johnny Leifheit exhorted the team, thanking them for their season of serving, encouraging them as they move into the next stage of life. In return, each of the 2018 Program Directors gave heartwarming speeches relaying the team’s gratitude to the people who had trained, inspired, and invested in them throughout their time in TeenPact.


This time was followed by an exodus to the Ultimate Frisbee Championship Game. The two best Ultimate teams aggressively competed for 15 minutes, before taking a half-time break. It was at this time that a team of parents dawn bright colored team shirts in their annual challenge of the 2018 TeenPact Intern Team + Office. The game was both energetic and humorous as traditional rules were discarded and the parent team won an unconventional victory by running the disc in for a Touchdown. The Championship Game then resumed as Team Phoenix pulled away in the second half to secure their second straight championship at National Convention.


Students returned to the Conn Center for a quick Award Ceremony before Program Director Quinton Cools returned to the stage. He motivated students with the statement, “As you go from this place, take the joy and knowledge of being found and share it with all the world.”


Once again, voices were raised in worship, singing, “Worthy of every song we could ever sing. Worthy of all the praise we could ever bring. Worthy of every breath we could ever breathe. We live for You.”


Being found doesn’t mean the journey is over, but instead that a journey has just begun. We are to press onward and upward until the race is finished. We pray, fill us, Lord, so that we may be emptied back out. Fill us to be poured out by you. Fill us to be empty of ourselves and full of you.


Join us as we pray, “Fill Us.”




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Cassidy on May 30, 2018 at 3:36 am

I love this. It really explains what National Convention is about. To God be the glory.

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