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Quinton Cools November 02, 2015
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Happy Birthday, Tim Echols!


TeenPact was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 by Tim Echols. Mr. Echols had a vision to engage youth with Christian leadership values, training students to understand the political process and be actively involved in their community back home. We started with one class, now we have over 50!


TeenPact primarily serves families with teens–thus the name–but did you know that we have another class offered for 8-12 year olds? The TeenPact One Day Class is a 6 hour dynamic course where students come and learn about how their state government works and how to honor God through that process.


The government doesn’t just impact grown adults. It impacts the whole family—teens and children alike. TeenPact believes in the capacity of young people, and this extends even to preteens. We believe that young people (no matter their age) should be given the opportunity to learn, understand and have a voice in their government.


We hope you will join us this spring for a One Day Class near you!



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