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God is Always Preparing Me for Greater Things

Serena Deloglos March 27, 2015
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TeenPact’s vision is “Changing Lives to Change the World.” We want to take the opportunity to share some of the stories of changed lives with you in a series of Student Testimonies.


This story comes from Blake Miller, a 14-year-old student from Fairview who attended the Missouri State Class. Be blessed by his story!



While I was at the class, I had the opportunity to run for governor. When we divided into parties, I was nominated to run, and I won the election in my primary. I was so excited! Later that day I was encouraged to campaign for the general election coming up the next day. On the way to evening session, I picked up my materials for my campaign, and I decided to try some campaigning that night. It did not go well. I didn’t campaign to anyone and was questioning myself why I was running. When I got back to the hotel I was physically sick and struggling. I was ready to give up.


I realized that what I was doing was what God had planned for me, not what I had in mind.


After prayer and encouragement from my parents, the next day I went to the class and I felt confident that I was doing something greater than myself. I ended up campaigning to eight people before the election and I got to talk and meet many wonderful people, that I might not have otherwise met. When it came time for the general elections, myself and three others went up to answer questions. I had so much fun answering those questions. We were asked, “If you could be mentored by any one, who would be?” I knew why God would not let me give up on my campaign. When my turn came I looked at my dad and responded, “Gary Punches.” Gary Punches was a man who mentored my dad when he first got married to my mom. He made a great impact on my dadʼs life. When I gave my answer my dad and I shed a few tears. Gary Punches has sadly passed away, but his influence continues in the life of my dad and my family. I didnʼt win the election, but it was all worth it. I realized that what I was doing was what God had planned for me, not what I had in mind.


After the election my dad came up to me and told me that my answer had made his day. I got to congratulate the TeenPact Governor of that year and was so glad she had won the election. After this struggle that I went through, I know God is always using and preparing me for things so much greater than myself.


I know God is always using and preparing me for things so much greater than myself.


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