Have We Lost Our Bearings?

Johnny Leifheit August 15, 2016
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In a culture that perpetuates adolescence, how do we as Christians navigate what it means to be a “Man”? No doubt this long-asked question is one of the great issues of our time. Yet, regardless of where you turn, society has a different idea what masculinity looks like. In no small way, it seems, our ship has lost its bearing in the proverbial storm of negative influence.


With a picture like this setting the stage for today’s context, naturally a multitude of questions may flood the mind in a desperate attempt to find the truth: “How do we move forward?” or “What can be done to change the way we approach this complex and important issue?” and possibly the greatest of all, “Who am I supposed to be?”



Who am I supposed to be?

Led by an all-star team, composed of our 2017 Intern Guys, TeenPact Venture is a week of exploration. We seek to dig deep in life and God’s word to discover what He has designed us to be. And we aim to do so in an exciting, passionate, and unforgettable way.


As part of this event of growth and adventure, our focus will address a variety of subjects. We aspire to be well-rounded men, learning skills such as automotive maintenance, cooking, financial management, social etiquette, and fitness. We’ll bring forth the competitive side in all of us, testing the very limits of our physical capacity with team building sports, obstacle courses, and our grand finale flag football tournament played under the lights of a regulation field. But most of all, we’ll ask questions, study the scriptures, glean from wisdom, and  pursue with ardent passion the image Christ has called us to bear.



Are you ready?

So I ask you now; are you ready?


Have you considered these questions long enough that you’re willing to take action? Do you desire a change? Are you hungry for a community – a brotherhood – to walk alongside this path in life? To get messy, and be real? To find a place where truth meets relationship in an authentic expression; striving to live FOR something, not merely against? If so, then I invite you to come, join the brotherhood. Find answers, gain skills, and have fun! Know who you are called to be as a man, and soak in the positive influence of a Christ-centered focus. TeenPact Venture will not disappoint.



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