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Holding Fast to the Word of God: Part Three

Caleb Jennings July 01, 2020
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Our virtual 2020 National Convention centered on the importance of Holding Fast to the Word of God. This blog series addresses the topic of how we as believers should seek to incorporate the Word of God into our everyday lives, and our authors share how they have practically done so in their personal lives. This post is written by 2020 Intern, Caleb Jennings. 


The Bible is one of God’s greatest gifts to man. His Word, living and active, exists to show His nature. God revealing His personhood draws us closer in relationship with Him as “The Spirit testifies to our spirit that we are children of God.” 


In Hebrew, the verb “to know” means much more than head knowledge. It means an experiential understanding, a knowledge built through relationship. Scripture not only heightens our intellectual understanding of God but also enhances our relationship with Him. Our created purpose is to know God, and one of the most foundational ways to do this is to meditate on Scripture. With that, here are some practical tips on how to dive into the Word of God.


There is not a perfect process for reading Scripture. 

Reading the Bible should not be approached with a rigid or methodical spirit. The Word of God is not static; it is living and active. Our intention in reading the Word must be to know Him more. Seeking to check off a box does not reflect this aim. Instead, recognize that the Bible, dynamic and divine, exists to display new truths every day. Truth unfolds when our hearts are in a posture of reception. 


A simple way to live this out is to talk to Him before, after, and while reading His Word. The Holy Spirit is meant to live in companionship with the Word, and we should not try to separate the two. Enter in with a purpose, asking your Father to use the Holy Spirit in your reading. As you read His Word, listen. Maintain an open mind, as the Spirit washes your soul and enlightens your heart through the Word of God.


Prioritize God by making time.

While you should never look to copy another’s relationship with the Lord, there are practical steps you can take to read the Word and spend time with God. 


First, push back your schedule by 30 minutes. If you are finding it challenging to spend time with God in the morning, wake up 30 minutes earlier than you generally would. It might be challenging, but this will create  a necessary habit that will allow you to spend more time in the Word. I recommend using an old-fashioned alarm clock. 


Second, instead of reaching for your phone, reach for His Word and start your day with Him. Prioritizing your Father, allowing Him to have the first fruits of your day, is a blessing to you and Him. Doing this sets you up for success by committing the rest of your day to Him. 


End your day in the word. 

In traditional Jewish culture, the next day’s start is considered as beginning in the evening hours. This shift in mindset breaks the idea of resetting through sleep. Instead, reset through the Word. Practice self-discipline and go to bed before you need to. If you are struggling to do so, temporarily cut out what is distracting you. Whether it is social media, Netflix, or even late-night conversations, take a break and prioritize time with the Lord. Look to Him before you fall asleep, committing your rest to Him. 


While I find it necessary to intentionally focus the early morning and late evening to the Lord, don’t restrict yourself to this. Spend time throughout the day reading His Word and talking to Him in small pockets of opportunity. Always welcome divine interruptions of communion from the Lord. 


Finally, there will be days when you miss your time with Him; it is okay. God did not create you to live in condemnation. Instead of overthinking and feeling condemned, commit this time to Him. This is a holy response, an act of worship. You can never change what has already happened, so take the next moment and be with Him. Live in freedom. Know that you are His child, who He calls blameless and pure. Read His Word, grow in relationship with Him. Press on.


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