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How Everyone Can Enjoy National Convention

David Armbruster May 21, 2017
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We all know the pain of being left out. As one big TeenPact family, however, we’re hoping no one feels left out of this year’s National Convention. Even if you’re not able to attend, we hope you’ll take advantage of at least one of these many ways to experience the joy of NatCon17.


Live stream

You know all those extra math lessons you’re regrettably putting off until the summer? Well you can expect those to keep piling up, because we’re bringing all the sessions from National Convention straight to your living room via livestream! Be sure to tune in for the suspense of the morning show, the fantastic lineup of speakers, and so much more. You can find the livestream and the schedule of events over on the TeenPact website at



Social Media

Looking for a little bit more of the National Convention experience than just the sessions? Maybe some of the adventure and personality that makes TeenPact so great? Then be sure to keep up to date with the TeenPact Facebook and Instagram accounts to get the inside scoop, the fuzzy vibes, and the familiar faces you miss so dearly. We’ll be bringing it to you live!




If you only have a little bit of time to stay up to date with National Convention, or you’re hoping to experience the 10,000 foot view of NC over your lunch breaks, then the TeenPact blog will be your best buddy. Check back every day after 11:00 AM for the highlights of the previous day, the most memorable snapshots, and some incredible stories of God at work.





Election Party

To those of you die-hard TeenPacters out there who would give anything to watch the confetti fall with us on Election Night, we’re encouraging you to bring the hype of national elections to your home state by inviting all your TeenPact friends over for an election-return watch party. Grab some snacks, all the pillows, and a couple of blankets as you prepare to laugh yourself silly at the all-new commercials and rejoice with election winners from your state, all in the company of amazing friends.


Whatever method works best for you, we’re looking forward to having you along for the ride this National Convention. To God be the glory!

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David Armbruster

David Armbruster is a TeenPact Alumni from the great state of Indiana and our storyteller for National Convention 2017. Read More