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Quinton Cools September 27, 2017
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This year I was introduced to TeenPact for the first time.


When I arrived at the New York State Capitol for my first Four Day Class, I really had no idea what to think. Would these be a bunch of strict people who only use thee’s and thou’s? Was I going to listen to stodgy lectures for an entire week? The first sign of hope I had was when a staffer informed me (in pig latin) that he could speak pig latin and three other languages! I laughed and loosened up a little.


My heart plummeted when the Program Director started lecturing on bipartisan caucuses and gerrymandering.  I helplessly wondered what my mom had gotten me into. Fifteen minutes later with a Hershey Kiss, a Starburst, and a few hilarious jokes, life was looking up again. The Four Day Class is amazing, but nothing compares to what I experienced that night during Rendezvous.


In less than twenty minutes, my relationship with Jesus changed and so did my life. I realized in that moment just what a gift TeenPact has been to me.


TeenPact was created to inspire the next generation of leaders. Since its founding in 1994, TeenPact has blessed thousands of student by giving them a new appreciation for the political process and what they are capable of doing as young people. Each TeenPact class inspires students in their spiritual walk, in their quest for excellence, and in their ability to bless and serve others. With every TeenPact experience their mission statement “to inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things,” is made manifest.


Although each State Class is different, there is a guaranteed Starburst and Chocolate Kiss in the Bill skit which are sure to bring a smile to every student. At TeenPact New York, I had the opportunity to tour the capitol, including the gorgeous campus featuring the Million Dollar Staircase, the War Room, and the NYS Assembly and Senate. This was an incredible experience. Students who continue with TeenPact will be challenged to reevaluate how they think about government and their spiritual life.


TeenPact has truly inspired me. Perhaps it will inspire you as well.



Story shared by Katrina Usiatynski. A TeenPact student, Katrina hails from a small city on the southeast side of Lake Ontario in Oswego, New York.



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