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It Is Well

Quinton Cools September 19, 2016
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This was by far my favorite TeenPact event I have attended. There were many times throughout the week that I felt God’s presence and His peace. Some of those times were through devotions or Rendezvous, while others were simply witnessing His hand in history through the museums I visited. However, worship at the Lincoln Memorial definitely brought all of those moments to an awe-inspiring culmination.


During that experience, I was overwhelmed with God’s sovereignty as I looked out over the capital, and reflected on our country’s history. Very few times in my life have I felt such contentment and peace as I did when we sang “It Is Well”. Normally I am not super emotionally stirred during worship times, but I felt all of the chills when I realized that this was a little taste of heaven. God reminded me at that moment that this was a glimpse of my final destiny – worshiping Him alongside fellow brothers and sisters.


We were standing there, at what some would consider to be the “shining city on a hill.” All of the sudden, I realized the beautiful parallel between what we were doing in that moment and what we are destined to do one Day at the true “shining city on a hill” that will last for eternity. It awakened in me a deep longing for that Day, when God’s Kingdom comes. More than that, it awakened in me a hope and excitement that I hadn’t felt in a long time.


It awakened in me a deep longing for that Day, when God’s Kingdom comes.


On the airplane ride home, as I looked down on all the roads, houses, and towns spread below me, I dwelt upon the majesty and goodness of God – that He would invite us to live with Him forever. I realize I often take for granted the significance of this. I have been so caught up in planning for my near future – applying to colleges, taking SATs, trying to choose a major – that I have forgotten about my eternal future. My heart is filled again with hope. No matter what lies ahead for me, our country, or our world in the days ahead, I can still sing “It is Well” because of the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for me in order to secure my future with Him. If that future is anything like the moment I experienced worshiping God that night, then words don’t even describe my excitement. All I can say is praise be to God!




Avery is pictured on the right, with another student from TeenPact Back to DC 2016



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